MOD Suppliers

Right, really sorry to have to ask this, but my job actually depends on it.

Does anyone know who supplies the MOD with laser coders (these are the machines that engrave all relevant details around the percussion cap on rounds, or any other items that are engraved with info).

I know everything is outsourced and contracted out, if anyone knows who uses what equipment, or how i can find out I will owe you a keg!

I know this is fu**ing bone, and I am so sorry, but by knowing this, I can get a contract that will save my job. If I'm being a tit by asking then please let me know about it, I deserve it, but if you can help, PLEASE do!
As Ammo and all maufacture etc is all outsourced, you'd be looking at the defence contractors not the MOD itself. BAe or one of it's many divisions
I need to know which contractor supplies the coding (laser or otherwise) to all other contractors. Its a right nightmare finding this out. Its not a matter of security, but its tough nonetheless.

It is going to be a specific contractor that deals with this for all other.
MOD doesn't actually manufacture rounds and hasn't for donkeys.

Try Eley or any of the others thrown up by a simple search on Google
It is ONE specific contractor, I had to get one of these a few years ago, but I'm buggered if I can remember who they are. I'll try to find something in my hoard of paperwork.

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