MoD still failing on kit supply

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fraser, May 14, 2009.

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  1. BBC article

    There have been a number of vehicles procured through the UOR process. It would be interesting to see which one has come in for criticism in the report.

    Edited to add the NAO Report

    NAO Report

    It looks like it is Vector.
  2. So nothing new, MOD is still crap
  3. On the contrary, I think MoD came out of it quite well. The BBC decided to highlight a point that has been known for some time – Vector did not meet up with expectations. However, MoD has addressed that by funding new UORs for Mastiff, Ridgeback etc.
  4. If MOD did the job properly they would not have wasted millions on crap like vector
  5. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    or £1 million on Prius cars, announced this week
  6. Or the Upholder class submarines, never in service sold to Canada for pennies
  7. Perhaps those slagging off the MOD should go and read the report before making their ill informed criticisms.

    The report actually pretty positive and points out the superb job done by forces and civilian staff in supporting two high intensity operations on the other side of the globe. Yes some things aren't perfect, and everyone that I know in the UOR community would admit that, but I think we're doing a bloody good job in the process and given the number of UORs delivered, the challenge of supporting the operations, the difficulties of getting spares sometimes, its a far more complex pattern than you might think.

    Its easy to say MOD is crap, but try reading the report first before spouting off ill informed crap.
  8. I read the report and the MOD come out better than they normaly do in recent reports, they might have improved but they are still a waste of space
  9. Because you obviously predicted the end of the cold war ahead of everyone else. I'm guessing the decision to actually build these subs was taken somewhere around the early to mid 1980's when you clearly knew the Soviets were actually a hollow threat. Did you not think to tell everyone at the time, or were you still at school?

    Very easy to smoke the UOR process, but the very nature of them is that the risk process is cut short, therefore you are more likely to get a bad choice. To mitigate against this you buy in small batches, and only purchase more if things go well. Vector didn't, and got binned. Simple as.
  10. Tropper - do you actually know who the MOD is? you do realise that its your peers and superiors who go in on short term posts don't you?

    Do you understand the basics of UOR procurement - buy now, in a hurry, to save peoples lives, and go for the 80% solution rather than wait years for the 100% solution? Thats why things don't always work, as we're trying to get stuff into service that will save lives now and not in the next decade.
  11. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    One might argue that whilst the MoD is doing a fine job with UOR's the very existence of the need for UOR's is in fact a failure of the first order, i.e. a failure to procure equipment for a medium scale conflict
  12. Whats the cold war got to do with it, The Upholders would have been a cheap way of complimenting the Nuke sub force untill the new class comes on line, or at a push, a cheaper alterative. Other countrys seem to be quite happy with diesel/electric subs, so why not us
  13. Sorry Meridian that is absolute rubbish.

    The UOR process is a great thing - but we're only buying things that we couldnt have seriously considered in the first place as being a potential threat. I'm not going into any specifics, but if you look at what we buy, it is in response to threats that planners could not have reasonably forseen and not buying out capability risks.

    I brief on the UOR process and one of the key points I make is that USURs (pre UOR request) that smack of "lets use it to fund an option that never got through" simply don't happen. If you look at what we buy, it is related to very specific threats, and not a more general 'we need capability now' procurement.

    If you gents in MB want to understand the process properly, then PM me and I'll arrange an at desk briefing for you on this subject.
  14. I am not on about UOR, I am on about the fact that in the last forty years the MOD has bought a load of crap kit when better was around. My own pet hate was the Chieftain engine way back in the 60s, and nothing seems to have changed
  15. Thank God for that, Jim. Or British soldiers might die because they don't have the right kit!

    Oh, hang on... 8O :roll: