MoD staff go on strike over pay

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. I believe this one has already been discussed here on ARRSE mate
  2. Different strike. Noticed a slight increase in efficiency during the first one. If one half's not striking they're either throwing sickies, filling in their expenses forms or on study leave, studying for another bone qualification which has fcuk all to do with running a Department in a cost-efficient manner...

    Rant over.
  3. The so called strike in my building (roughly 700 CS in it) had a grand total of 3 participants who dissapeared the moment it started raining. The majority of the union members were vocal in voicing their dissaproval about the idea of striking.
  4. I guess the rest were too busy, finding reasons for not spending £1000 for an fallen RAF sergeants funeral.
  5. " guess the rest were too busy, finding reasons for not spending £1000 for an fallen RAF sergeants funeral."

    Yes thats right, in actual fact we (not the RAF) all make policy on how to **** the forces over on a regular basis.

    Don't blame MOD for an RAF mistake.
  6. Any chance the Minister can take part? Say for the next few years?
  7. A Battalions worth of MOD civvies in one building says Jim30.....bloody hell, it's worse than I thought.
  8. Nope, it's the same one, the previous non-attended strike was a different union (PCS?).
  9. I would strike too if they were fooking around with my Pention!! :numberone:
  10. "A Battalions worth of MOD civvies in one building says Jim30.....bloody hell, it's worse than I thought. "

    Not really - its one of the London offices and there are more service personnel there than Civvies.
  11. Isnt it funny Jim....May I call you Jim?....and you must excuse any vitriol against the CS, it's not personal its just you are the only one with the balls to admit, here on a site where amongst the rank and file (and ex rank and file) the CS aren't exactly revered, that you work for the MOD in what capacity we know not...

    but as I was saying isnt it funny how when we criticise the MOD CS's about how they are responsible for the lack of adequate equipment, poor pay, restriction or reduction of financial ..what shall I call them perks? extras? claims? we criticise the MOD for what an MOD spokesperson said were the non payments to an deceased RAF personnels, family expenditures such as tea and biccies and flowers' for the funeral attendees.... you turn around and say its the Army's commanders fault, or its the RAF's commanders fault

    So are we to beleive that when the army wants new kit, the Army says no we dont want it cos it costs too much... when an RAF station commander is burying one (or more) of his men he doesnt want to spend money on 'families flowers' etc because he thinks it costs too much and hey why should the public pay.....

    Or is it because the bean counters in the CS have said to the commanders hey your budget is this... war or no war, so you can have whatever new kit you need as long as it fits into the budget... and you can keep whatever LRSA or RESPOD claims to pay your long as it fits into the budget...remembering that its still the same budget !!

    do you perhaps think that the RAF station commander has looked at his rule books on what the MOD bean counters will and will not let him spend and when, and against perhaps his humanity and his better judgement has decided that if he pays for the tea and the biccies and the flowers that some bean counter in whitehall would shove a rocket up his arrse for being so irresponsible for spending the publics money on such trivialities?

    Do you expect us to believe that the MOD's CS's are ALL wishing the troops could bet better kit, better pay and conditions but those b(a)stard commanders are so tight...or that the commanders want better kit pay and conditions but the MOD as an organisation are so tight?
  12. I'll own up to being a CS, but I also wear uniform too.
    I'm not saying the CS is perfect, there are plenty of f*ckwits out there, but you get that in every walk of life. I'm not saying we're without blame for everything that goes on - we're not. BUT the majority of us are trying our best to help in whatever way we can and this ranges from guys in the field doing techy stuff or int to the admin clerk trying to ensure that peoples onward travel when they get back on leave is sorted.

    The problem is that people do not understand how little the CS has in making policy or the rules. This is a military function - for example the TLB expenditure limits are decided by the defence council - if your budget is being screwed, blame the men at the top like CGS and CAS for deciding to put a couple of hundred million elsewhere.

    Yes MOD CS have a role in unit finance, usually in helping run budgets alongside the military or ensuring that expenditure totals are kept to. However they didn't write the rules - blame the military for that one - the military get to write the rules that shaft their boys, and ensure that the CS get blamed for it. If you're looking for someone to blame - blame the chiefs for not getting the funds we need to do the job properly.

    Finally if you seriously think that any CS enjoys vetoing expenditure like flowers or kit then you're sadly misguided.