MoD staff get their bonuses.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. CS get the part of their salary that couldn't be considered a pay raise because it looks bad and in all likelihood is about £500/person. But lets fire up the outrage bus because they're all snivel serpents and therefore a waste of space, time and rations and without them the uniformed part of the MoD would be running a perfect department..... Gad damn civilians, I hate civilians.
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  2. I was told only those on under £14,000 per year would get anything and then only £250 each.
    Still plenty of seats on the outrage bus if you have nothing better to do today.
  3. 120,000 of them on under £14,000?

    Thats a lot of tea boys.
  4. I think that was the pay rise (not bonus) given under the public sector pay freeze that's just come to an end
  5. MOD Please delete one of these - sorry no idea how it appeared twice.
  6. Some things will never change, I bet the Eastern Block cleaners got theirs from the lead on the roof.
  7. That should be £21,000 per year.
  8. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    May I start by congratulating you on your exceptional sarcasm, I hope you put that to use on an SJAR/OJAR soon, LOL.

    Anyway back to civil serpents, I find the annual bonus allocation quite amusing. The fact that each operating centre has a budget and therefore creates a quota is incredible, it just leads to a "If I don't use it I lose it mentality" so even those who just do their job get the bonus. That said they are generally on such a low wage I don't mind.

    Just yesterday how we mis employ CS (and MoD) was put into perspective, a summary of a programme board:

    "We need to build a team to do XXXXX"
    "Our architects should do that?"
    "Yes, but they're not skilled in that area, and have no experience"
    "Ok, lets train them up and delay the project by 6-8 months we have slack"
    "No, tell you what lets bid for Technical Support - quicker and I don't mind the cost"
    "But when we recompete in 3 years we still won't have the skills?"
    "So what, the TS costs can come out of the project"

    and we wonder why MoD is in such a mess...........
  9. Believe or not the bonus system saves the MOD money, the "bonus pot" is taken from the monies allocated for CS pay, it is paid out as non consolidated; this means it does not count towards pension, nor does it constitute a pay rise but it is still taxed. This bonus is for 11/12, 2.6% of the pay budget having been held back to fund it, not to have paid it would have resulted in litigation for illegally withholding pay. This late payment has been damaging to CS morale and you do need their support.
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  10. Oh goody, its bonus time and that means we can slag off the civil service again - hoozah!

    The MOD got a 3 year pay deal under the last government. Within this deal some of the budgeted pay was held back and awarded as a 'non consolidated' bonus, meaning rather than helping towards my pension, it instead gets taxed and comes to me as a lump sum once per year. Its not an extra pot of money, its a sub chunk of the MOD paybill designed to hold down soaring pension costs.

    The MOD hasn't had any salary scale progression for the last 3 years, unlike HM Forces who continue to receive increments. My salary has been cut by 7.5% in real terms compared to where I should be as a result of this. That is before you add in the loss coming about from the pay freeze. For the next three years my salary (and most other civil servants) is likely to remain cut by about 2.5% a year as the public sector pay award is being capped at 1%, including pension and NI contributions, and the military must rightly take priority. So, while some people want to get outraged over my £400 'bonus', few are likely to get outraged about our collective 15% salary cut.

    The real thing that I'm angry about is the way that this has been leaked to the Mail and Telegraph ahead of the MOD bothering to tell its own staff what was going on. Thanks guys, what a way to make your staff feel special.
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  11. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Yes, because it used to just be handed over as part of annual salary. However, as has been stated time and again on this forum for the hard of thinking, it was decided in someone's infinite wisdom that it would be cheaper to remove the pay and hand it back as a taxed, unpensionable "pay award" (or whatever the term is - I'm pretty sure it's not "bonus"). So long as we hit our targets we get our basic pay; if we don't there's a facility to hold money back, and (God forbid) if we do something above and beyond we can be put forward for something vaguely resembling praise. I get the impression, however, that people like you don't particularly care about the facts or logic and simply wish to vilify every MOD CS you hear about because it's the done thing.
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  12. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I'm not going to argue about the merits of this specific case, but we need to get back to the mentality that bonuses are for exceptional performance and not a general top up to pay. As ever with this, it appeared the original bonus system was sleight of hand to bring the overall wages bill down for the MOD. And like all these politically clever solutions, it inevitably is starting to cause more problems than it solves.

    The MOD need to consolidate these 'bonuses' into pay so that the 'sleight of hand' disappears. If as a result there's not enough money in the budget for pay increases next year, the politicians need to get up on their hind legs and say so - and why. Ultimately you earn respect for being honest, not using weasel words to hide the problem.

    Then the MOD need to introduce a ring fenced bonus pool for general merit based bonuses. They should be limited from giving bonuses to more than 20% of the work force, so only the truly deserving get bonuses. Giving out bonuses indiscriminatingly devalues the currency.

    Get back to a simple straight forward system of merit based bonuses and this problem disappears for future years.

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  13. Wordsmith - I believe that is exactly the plan.

    There is a very strong case to be made for rewarding the best effort, and most outstanding people who clearly go above and beyond their remits to help. I know friends in the US said that they have a scheme where the top performing 1% in their department got about $15000 as a reward. No one minded because it helped motivate them to deliver.

    I think delivering rewards in public service is challenging - how do you reward people who have chosen to enter a profession where it is not possible to offer the more normal inducements like car, shares, gym membership as part of a package? The best will need some kind of inducement to deliver, otherwise why not leave and go to the private sector where this can be paid? At the same time it is wrong to pay all staff a 'bonus'. Not sure how one squares the circle though.
  14. Oh look what's just popped in on my dii!

    As Jim30 says, might have been ****ing nice to tell us first.

    OK, riches beyond the realms of avarice!

    "Awards vary from between £310 for E2s/SK1s, to £1,740 for the highest performing B1s"