MoD Spends Over £600,000 on Magazines (and not the Shooty-bang type)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Dec 27, 2012.

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  1. Aye,most goes to aid missions overseas.

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  2. For once the Guardian is providing a fairer picture, listing trade magazines which is likely to be where most of the money goes.
  3. Well since Janes Defence weekly costs £265 per annum per subscription I suspect they don't have to work too hard to spend that. And that's just the basic glossy magazine that tells us that the Iranians have bought a new Tank. The Annual Jane's Infantry Weapons costs $1055.00 Add on the specialist mags that go into gritty detail of how said tank's radios and guns work then you can add even more to the cost.

    It's not as if we are going to get this information in the Guardian in between the Op-ed on female circumcision in the Sahel and free offers to Yoga Retreats at £12 per week. Most journalists still call AIFV's "Tanks".
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  4. sluggy!
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  5. Between a large number of trade publications and a few glossy mags for soldiers in hospital, where's the problem?
  6. Then there's journals for things like medicine, nursing, Engineering, IT*..... Also is it not a good idea to supply magazines so that people can keep up with world events, political and cultural issues, and so on. Maybe even a few publications to help those preparing to leave?

    *and maybe even spelling?
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  7. less than 0.0015% of the defence budget. Nothing to see here.
  8. Anyone in the army ever paid for "Soldier" magazine or just picked one up lying around?

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  9. My TAC gets about 30 copies of Soldier for us for free. Along with about a 100 copies of various in house puff glossies purporting to tell us importnat things in defence. Nobody reads them and they get binned within the month. Massive waste of money.....
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  10. It's not a one off, the Grauniad has consistently had better defence reporting for past decade. Might get the odd detail wrong now and again but it tries to report fairly.
  11. Maybe they should bring out a magazine more relevant to the TA. They could call it 'Civvie'.
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  12. It's always amazed me that the military pays for magazines that they feature in, **** me dumb but it's not rocket science to set up a two way system.....take our photo....give us the mag...... type system. Someone's making money out of it somewhere.
  13. They do, we ignore it and bin that as well......cock.
  14. I suppose it's hard to fit reading time into a training schedule that consists purely of smoking tabs and binge drinking.