MoD spends millions on rent bills

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wooger, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. Interesting report. £3,768,532 a month being spent renting homes for single personnel - I wnder how much of this is in Colchester where it was decided to give each unit 4 blocks not 5, and as a result there are soldiers in hirings all over the place. Must have been a differant pot of money!

    BBC - MOD Rent Bill
  2. Probably due to lack of Service accommodation in London and Bristol for single Officers working in Whitehall and Abbey Wood respectively as well as lack of suitable or servicable housing for families. MOD can solve it by putting people into areas like Chelsea Barracks... on no, they sold them off and the money went into the Govt coffers!!

  3. Not to mention all the hirings needed when Units are PUMA'd
  4. They are paying the rent on our hiring , and its very nice !
  5. To be honest, I am surprised its so little if thats the full bill. Its very easy to spend 30-40k a year to rent a very modest flat in London if its furnished
  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Not forgetting Birmingham as well, everyone from Pte to Brig is in a private hiring of some kind.
  7. When I was in Bicester a few years ago, there were pads having to rent houses in the town itself as the MOD had flogged half of the houses on the pads estate to Abbington, still as long as the MOD got a large sum of cash up front who cares about paying more back in the future?
  8. Would that be ,"Annington"(as in Homes), or "Abingdon"(as in RAF)?
  9. That would be my shit spelling I meant Annington.
  10. Think the headline should probably read ' MoD spends millions on rent boys'-bunch of useless pervs!(MoD)
  11. Take London as an example. Short sighted view spends, on average, £1,000.000 per month on rent alone for the single punters out of MoD. Add to that the GYH allowance and FIA each month and this adds up to a considerable amount of cash. The long term view might be that we create an Officers'/Seniors' Mess of epic proportions and save some money (problem is that this is long term cash and the short term SSSA/SSFA/FIA money is easier to brief away).
  12. Not just London. At our place, they sold off half the quarters a few years ago then the regiment got bigger and not only not enough SFA, new stripeys mess - not big enough, new SLAM type accomodation, lovely but, not enough bed spaces so full screws and senior Lance jacks now going to be moving into rented accomodation with all the benefits (financially) that those moves provide. The sale of the quarters was short sighted in the extreme, to the extent that for a while the regiment/army was renting back some of the ex-quarters at full market rent (not cheap around here) from the new owners.
  13. Still it's nice to know that all the senior Civil Serpent bean counters who made these stupid decisions are getting paid fcuking great bonuses.
  14. Sounds like a complete Defence Estate **** up. Defence Estates at Warminster are not much better, having issued a whole load of Notice to Vacate notifications to guys in PSAT3 under the disengenuous guise of a MQ shortage within the SW area. Funny enough there's 4 houses empty within 20m of me and loads more empty 5 miles down the road.
  15. DE Warminster are the worst performing office.

    AT55 - you need to catch up and try reading about the Civil Servant bonus system - you look a bit stupid spouting stuff like that.