MoD spending £2.5m on new flags

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrPVRd, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. See below. I reckon they will look like:



    or this


  2. ...the Navy's Red Ensign...

    Quality journalism.
  3. Surely an oxymoron, especially when discussing the Scottish press?

    And as for this

    Justifying the spending, an MoD insider said: "There's more to the military than bullets and bombs, you know. If you took the attitude of nothing but the essentials, then where would the parades and the nice posh uniforms be? You need these things too."

    - why do I suspect the 'MoD insider' is actually Wee Shug McGlumpher, former caretaker of the local TAC?

  4. Oh god, this thing has reared its head again - clearly ARRSE and the wider media haven't had a "lets bash the MOD for no good reason" session for at least 24hours.

    We use flags - in fact we use lots of flags for lots of reasons. They tend to get worn out quite quickly and look really shite when they do. We (MOD) have two options when this happens:

    1. Do nothing and don't replace flags, leading to lots of angry media articles about how us MOD CS scum hate Britain and the armed forces and have no pride because we don't want to spend a tiny amount of money (2.5m) on new flags. Naturally its all part of a plot, usually linked to the EU. Cue MOD "insider" claiming that its the latests example of "PC gone mad". Link to other spurious articles about the MOD.

    2. Buy some flags to ensure that we look smart and not like a bag of shite. Cue lots of angry media articles about how the MOD has far too much money and is wasting lots of it (£2.5m) on flags and that us MOD CS scum are clearly a bunch of jingoistic f*ckwits for daring to spend money on a flag while Sapper Blogs is dying in Helmand. Cue MOD Insider claiming that all CS know feck all about the armed forces, despite the money for operational procurement being in a very different budget to flag procurement - and even if £2.5m is roughly 1/12800th of the MOD annual budget!
  5. At £35 a flag and say on average 3-6 flags per unit, can't they just take the cash out of Regimental funds?

    £200 quid from the regimental coffers isn't going to bust any units Regimental subs now is it? Christ, the CO probably spends more on complimentary drinks for guests in a year!
  6. it's only taken since June for this to appear, non story really.
  7. Because we don't pay subs for kit thats supposed to be issued.

    Did the qoutrage bus do a tour 4 months ago when the story was first published?
  8. Yawn. Is this what we call journalistic probing fire?

    I feel deep sympathy for Mrs Gentle, but I wish people wouldn't stick a microphone under her nose whenever something like this rears its head.
  9. Agreed, I've every sympathy for the woman but it really grips my sh!t when, at every turn, her supporters roll her out to quote on anything the MoD say or do.

    I firmly believe it is those around her who feed her grief. Let the woman move on FFS and go and look elsewhere for a band wagon to ride on.

    And as for reg subs being used to pay for kit you should be issued, £200 is hardly going to break the bank is it? It wouldn't even get the reg footie/rugby team a strip.

  10. Because to get half a dozen flags made would cost more than £35 each, especially unit/regiment/service specific flags that would need to be done as one offs. This way a company gets a big order, agrees to make all the usual flags and the smaller quantity specialist ones for a set fee.

    If every unit had to go out and buy their own it would end up at double the price.

    Anyway it's a non story as stated above, they're picking at everything just now to try and slate the MoD, there's a lot of money being spent on vehicles, weapons, etc and you really have to laugh when papers like the NOTW have a glowing story about the MoD buying £1 billion worth of Mastiff/Ridgback/Jackal/etc and then slagging off the MoD two pages further on because of something like this.
  11. I agree this is a non-story, but it is a non-story with some humour potential. Or so I thought!
  12. What a complete an utter non-story. The forces use flags and they need replacing after time. The amount they are quoting works out at £50 per flag which I would suggest is not a bad deal when you consider the different types, sizes and patterns that the company will have to produce; many of which will be a single item rather than a batch.

    The MoD insider quoted must have been the resident skip licker rather than someone who actually knows what they are on about.

    I agree with the sentiment of most of those above and despise the fact that Mrs Gentle gets wheeled out to quote on things that she really doesn't have any factual knowledge about but still has an emotional tie to!
  13. Are you Murdo Macleod, the marine, went to Barbados in 1992ish?
  14. WTF? 8O