MOD slammed by MPs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sweatysock, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Question is, will it change anything.

  2. SNAFU then
  3. Now Joe Public knows how their taxes are being wasted and the catalogue of errors are there listed, for all to see.

    But it's supposed to be an exciting week on Coronation Street so it will be mostly forgotten and in answer to the question of whether it will change anything.

  4. Will anyone be brought to account for these disasters? Thought not.

  5. What really bugs me is the nonsense that these contracts are run on "Commercial" terms. The few poeople in green are persuaded by the civil service that "we are following industry", this is the process, etc etc. Total rubbish. In any civilian company i've ever worked for our "commercial" colleagues would have been shown the door long since as complete wasters.

    A whole pile of these clowns should be sacked. Far too many self sucking lolly-pops out there, who have forgotten that the bottom line is tommy on the gound, well prepared and with the right kit.

    The other thing that bugs me is people in green looking for gold-plate solutions and paying way over the odds as a result. How much did each Wolf cost when an off the shelf Defender 110 would have delivered 99% of the same effect ?
  6. The new MoD motto, has carried on for the longest time, unfortunately not surprised.

    Amazed?! Same shit, not surprised.

    Not surprised. The MoD as a whole waste more than they produce. Agree with mistersoft and speedy, no nowt will change.