MOD Sites used as Film locations!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PraetorianMonkey, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. I was watching the new James Bond film "Quantum of Solace" with Mrs PM, enjoying the car chases, multiple murders, (scantily clad women when Mrs PM wasn't watching!!), when to my surprize, i recognised the location of the "Russain tenement blocks" for the last 20 mins of the film! Unless my geography was well off, it was the old Para Bks in Montgomery Lines, Aldershot!!

    Now i remember when i served near there a few years ago, they used the old barracks for filming a prison scene in Clive Owens "Children of Men", and later they used the main drag through the Bks as a crash scene in "the Bill".

    Are there any other sites that have been used as film sets? any one have any good stories regarding them!!

    From the Bill we managed to meet "PC Reg", who seemed a bit camp and had a completly different accent, a posh southern one!! ruined my image of him as a Sunhill copper!!
  2. i'm pretty sure Bassingbourne was used for the training camp in Full Metal Jacket.
  3. Caerwen - Torchwood. At least I think so, because some scenes look very much like they were filmed there.
  4. Yup! Went there in the late 1980s and some bits of the film's assualt course were still there. I recall being told they has imported various palm trees and the like.
  5. I also recall someone telling me that Aldershot Training Area was used in "Gladiator" anyone confirm this?? it certainly looks like the area we used to drag our soory arses around on the CFT!
  6. Yes, we were allowed on various bits of the assault course in early 88. Also if you watch the film they have changed the road signs to look american but forgot the change the road markings.
  7. IIRC, Soldier Soldier (TV prog) used the compond at Hankley Common in numerous episodes. I got told to leg it on one occasion whilst setting an orienteering course.
  8. Torchwood was definately filmed there.

    I did a recce on Caerwent Training Area at the end of last year and witnessed a film crew load of luvvies pretending that an old building (104?) was a futuristic planet.

    The lead actor (American poo pusher) was absent from the set but the female set director was incredibly easy on the eye and ideal for a het man such as myself to lech at.

  9. After a long trapse over Chobham Common (the ridges range) many years ago I came across a typical US 'hick' town built in 2D but complete with a sherrifs car and various other 60's style motors.

    It turned out it was a set for the first Superman movie,although most of the UK stuff was shot in pinewood and shepperton. It may have been for camera tests - as principal filming moved to the US.

    There was no sign of Christopher Reeve however.
  10. I believe the James Bond film Die Another Day used the Aldershot test track for the hovercraft chase bits..
  11. Minley Mannor Officers Mess was used for the Divinci Code

    Barton Road Ranges were also used for Full Metal Jacket
  12. Lulworth in Far From The Madding Crowd
  13. Assistant directors (2nd and 3rd) seem to think that the most important thing in the wrld is their bloody film. I hate it when they are rude to the public who are, quite naturally, taking an interest.

    an aside:
    By the way did you learn to PG with the civvies or Bavaria/S.Wales with Dickie and his mob?
  14. An episode of Soldier Soldier where there is a serious incident during a river crossing was filmed at Charlie tank crossing just outside Durrington on Salisbury Plain.

    Although I expect quite a bit of the on ops scenes in Soldier Soldier were filmed on Salisbury Plain!