MoD shunned chance to hire more helicopters

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. They buy air ambulances so why not?

  2. No dead Soldiers are cheaper, believe us

  3. If the public are willing then yes please!

  4. God Lord no the MoD has everything under control

  1. MoD shunned chance to hire more helicopters

    In full
  2. The MoD doesn't have a problem when it comes to flying troops and equipment in Soviet-era AN-124 transport aircraft from Volga-Dnepr UK Limited
  3. We fly equipment in AN124 - not troops.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Ooooh, how would it look? Wot with Bliar falling out with the ruskies too. Imagine the headline in the scum!!
  5. While I agree that there should be a greater focus on the urgently required capabilities, people need to remember that financial planning is there for a reason. MoD has bugger all money and you can't just find £20 Million without blowing your budgets or knacking someone else's Project.

    I'm not aware of the exact details, but companies can't just offer their wares and we buy them just like that. Otherwise we'd need even more Civil Servants (Heaven forbid) just to deal with the amount of pish which is being pushed onto the military. If the Capability gap has been identified then it will be published in the Bulletins once funding has been made available to meet it.

    This kind of quote really gets on my tits. It shows a blatant lack of understanding of the laws we have to operate in. I agree that competitive tendering leads to time delays (not to mention the arguments that it is counter-productive when looking at Strategic cost benefits) but the law is the law. It's like saying "I could get a brand new car much cheaper if I just nick it".

    Right, I've got a tender to get out but I'm off for a teabreak instead.
  6. The offered a/c were factory newly refurbished, zero-hours on all assemblies. Maintenance provided by western company; crews all ex-mil westerners, many with recent Afghan experience. It was a professional charter service, and the offer was a bargain compared to cost of military heliops. MoD just didn't want to cough up any cash for it....
  7. And on the subject of pilots - the article says they were SF. Do SF now fly their own cabs or does the Telegraph mean AAC/RAF bods who did the flying for them. Having done a little of that sort of thing in NI can I call myself SF Loadmaster (local/acting . . . . unpaid!!)

    Or do those who do the cabby work for SF now have SF training?
  8. Bu88er it, MOD get the cheque book out and buy a few of these, if you think the longbow looks scary, this will scare the locals.

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  9. Actually the Afghans managed to shoot down quite a few of these thanks to Uncle Sam giving them stingers. It's only a matter of time before they get new SAM's. I saw a hind do a back summersault after getting hit ona documentary about the Afghan war under the Soviets. Needless to say no one got out of that baby.

    This government is full of s&*t. They don't give a toss about our lives as long as they look good. Bliar and GB can promise all they want. They will not deliver anything. CVry wolf someone?

  10. Isn't SSS somehow connected to the career self-publicist and expert on things he knows little about Tim Collins?

    At least Lewis Page is only trying to sell his toilet paper worthy book.
  11. Still looks nails though! I believe a few of our allies have lost copters this time around including a cobra? Still none of that carbon fibre turns to dust rubbish when its shot down, just 11.5 ton of metal, thats gonna leave a big whole in the ground!
  12. What's wrong with buying a few extras from our friends in Yeovilton? Thought Future LYNX was being procured? Anything wrong with Bell 212 (like the Brunei, Belize and Cyprus fleets)? Civilian Owned Military Registered (COMR) is not a new concept....... Why not rent some nice big blackhawks from the US National Guard?

    Why not? Well, because it's less hassle to spend money bailing out the NHS, the DWP, and paying for the unwashed masses to enjoy their "Idleness" than stumping up a bit of cash for soldiers to get what they deserve.
  13. An Mi-24 does however have room for around 8 soldiers(according to ofp) so we dont have to strap them on the side like we usually do
  14. Wastelands are no friend of the British forces. They are in it for themselves first and foremost and we in the military have no choice but to purchase the dross they sell for the good of the economy (and votes for MPs).
  15. Just inform MOD the helicopters are needed for transport Prince Andrew round the various golf courses , the whirly birds will be available by the weekend