Mod short of money ? Apparently not !

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fangy1, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. In recent weeks I have heard and read a lot about the MOD being short of money but we question if we really DO make the best use of the money (£34bn) the taxpayer gives us and if they would be happy with the way we spend it.

    Allegedly a senior officer in Cyprus recently moved his family on posting from UK by very expensive commercial civilian flights rather than by the ‘official’ means which is FREE – Air Trooping. No emergency of course, they were travelling out weeks after his arrival, just so much easier and convenient than them sharing a flight with the plebs on the Trooper. Cost ? go figure so - why didn’t the Chain of Command, JABC, Civ Sec, the Budget Manager etc etc query/question/refuse/advise against it as novel and contentious avoidable waste of public funds ?

    We all know the reason don’t we ? We see it so often when it comes to ‘senior people’ – the system is flawed because of weak characters/ subservience/threat to careers/a lack of spine etc etc etc. It stinks.

    Rank STILL has its privileges in the MOD and money will continue to be diverted to where it is WANTED, rather than where it is NEEDED if people allow it.

    Duckhouses for MP’s ? Huh ! Its time someone looked at OUR senior personalities excesses allowed by a flawed system of corporate governance, sycophancy, a lack of moral courage and greed. Speak up and you get slaughtered so you sit there and fume.
  2. Thought you weren't coming back.
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  3. Guns

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    Very expensive civilian flights my arse. It will have been booked through the Defence Travel Team and be economy tickets.

    And why should families fly trooping flights, there not troops and we are asking them to up root themselves from the UK to follow their service partner to move to a foreign place. And how do you know it wasn't cleared by the budget team, because it will have in order to get the movement control number.

    Is that chip on your shoulder hurting yet?
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  4. fangy please think of the cost implications before posting such comments, its expensive enough filling the seats on the outrage charabanc, now we have to try and fill a bloody airplane.
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  5. Is it? Which company donates free fuel to fill our free aircraft with before they're flown by volunteer aircrews from a free airfield to another free airfield somewhere else before being cleaned and maintained by more volunteers using spares and consumables donated by more big hearted companies?

    Once you've answered please attempt a new world record for how slowly you can lower yourself into a bacon slicer you pointless outrage peddler.
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  6. 'kin ell, calm down or you won't be my best mate anymore :)
  7. I don't know the system now but the way it worked when I was in....

    Families could travel via an Air troop flight but they could be bumped to make way for soldiers who always had priority.

    It went something like -

    Cat A & B compassionates and duty travel - most compassionates were put on the first avail flight of any type back to the UK. I can remember one Cat A being flown by Teeny Weeny from Munster to Dusseldorf where the last BA flight of the day was held back so he could catch it.
    Leave (soldiers)
  8. Jiimmy's Best Mate - 12000 posts of shite while drawing a wage or JSA - a Scaleyback who never served at JSSU and understands the Cyprus system, I will type slowly so you understand. The AirTrooping system provides flights booked on a collective basis (so cheap) for personnel and families moving to & from Cyprus on duty. These regular flights also take personnel to UK for other events (eg compassionate B &C). As the seats are booked it is also possible to apply for leave flights on an indulgence basis (ie if there are free seats then you can apply to take them on repayment). System works and is fair. What isn't fair is that someone through rank or influence chooses not to use these flights/seats (which often go unfilled in off-peak months) and, through rank or 'influence' gets their family put onto a civilian flight at a time/date to suit them at great and avoidable expense. Simple enough for you son or are you still logging on ? 12000 posts, have you thought about taking up a sport, joining a club or meeting friends ? A life spent with your virtual mates on ARRSE & Facebook worries me - does your Mum know how lonely you are ?
  9. Do I hear the squirming and uncomfortable shuffling of arses on your shiny chairs, Values and Standards anybody ?

    Lick-spittles and arse-wipes are how things slipped in controlling all our public authorities.

    "A culture of deception and bullying has been allowed to spread across officialdom in the drive to hide the truth from the public, backed up by gagging orders, threats of legal actions, misleading reports and harassment of whistleblowers.

    Senior managers should be held to account, openness and transparency in the public interest.
    The truth should come out and individuals must be held to account. This situation is appalling, it's gone on for a long time. The public have now lost trust in a lot of our public institutions because people won't take responsibility for when things go wrong.
    There should be no anonymity, no hiding place, no opportunity to get off scot free for anyone at all who was responsible for this abuse."

    And that’s just today in the papers on the NHS – the MOD is no different, we are even less transparent and straight !

    I don’t visit this site often so rant away in mutual delight with each other, I like to join in and shit in your shared Spa pool of ignorance occasionally. When necessary, I will continue to champion ‘fair play’ of things I hear in the SBA here. As a member of the Taxpayers Alliance, I will continue to flag up abuse, misuse and inappropriate spending of OUR money because the ‘system’ checks and balances, like some of you, can’t be trusted to know right from wrong anymore.

    Chill baby, tell me your problems if you aren’t brave enough and I’ll report it for you.

    Antío sas !
  10. Nope, what you hear is lots of people adding you to their ignore list so we don't have to read any more of your pish. Bye now.
  11. Just be careful until you've determined his religion and ethnic background.
  12. You're from the Spanish Inquisition right! Go on tell me I'm right. I know I'm right. Good English by the way.....chuffed!
  13. So, real name, and confirmation you've made this complaint to the Police and/or Service Complaints Commissioner?
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  14. I hadn't realised you had internet connections in the SBA communal toilet blocks. Have they now installed them in your cleaning cubicle?
  15. Question answered, that was easy!

    Get out, the outrage pedalo is sinking!