MOD settle out of court for PTSD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KittyDee, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. Hi everybody, hows life in your respective services, would like to know if anyone can help me out? Do any of you guys know the name of the solicitor that dealt with this latest PTSD £375,000 settlement.
  2. Fcuk off journo! Or have you got a 'claim'??
  3. Oh you sad bored pathetic little loser, I am neither a journo you muppet else I would know who the solicitors were nor have I a claim else I would already be in the papers now GET AN EFFING LIFE!!!
  4. Oooooooooooooh temper temper!!

    why do you want to know then?
  5. And breath........

    You've got an excellent command of the English Language though.

    Teddy is over here if you want it?
  6. Just knew I would get a whole load of crap for asking not like im not used to it being ex rmp. I want to know out of a matter of interest as I now work for a firm and we dont touch PTSD with a barge pole wanted to know how they wangled this one. So as you see no wanting to screw anyone over or anything sinister just being particularly nosy. I will have my teddy back thankyou
  7. Sense of humour failure me thinks kitty - too much time in Civvie Street?

    I did have the link somewhere, I'll dig it out for you.
  8. Your right...bad day! I do apologise! I have seen the link but the solicitors arent named on it anywhere.
  9. I could only find the artical in the Daily Mail. You're right it doesn't mention the Solicitors but the concensus was that it was a lucky win rather then a strategic one. A punt on their part I believe.
  10. I get ya, we dont do PTSD here for that reason, not and I do say this to prevent backlash but it is hard to prove and whilst I have the utmost sympathy with anyone who suffers with it legitamitely unfortunately the claims industry is littered with malingerers.
  11. KD,

    Which presumably is your company's only raison d'etre.

  12. There has been at least one previous military PTSD award in excess of £375K.

    I am shocked that you all found better things to do last Fri night than listen to that Col Bob Stewart and myself, debating this very subject on Radio 5 Live. ;)

  13. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Well if you had picked one of the mainstream stations instead of 5..........:)
  14. No armchair warrior, my company and therefore me help people whose lives have been devastated due to events that the MOD were to blame for, liability already admitted so I really think that before you mock companies that do actually help to make peoples lives better you get reading or do a degree.

    I will say and will say only once that I loved my time in the army and am happy 100% with my service, however this is not the case for some people and they deserve to be compensated for the impaired lives that can come as a result of military service. You cannot make comment until you have had such an injury or a family member has
  15. KD,

    There is a difference between mocking an organisation and simply pointing out that without people to bring claims, including those malingerers you so readily disparage, you would not exist.

    Furthermore, your statement that you do not take on PTSD claims because they are 'difficult' to prove simply reinforces the fact that your organisation exists solely to make money, and not to 'help' people (unless of course you do this work for expenses only).

    Not a criticism, simply stating an objective view.


    PS Curious as to the connection between mockery and gaining a degree. Please enlighten me?