MoD set to DOUBLE Tour Times to 12 Months

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pot_aussie, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Fears are growing that tens of thousands of British soldiers will have the duration of their front-line tours doubled to a year.

    Senior officers serving in Afghanistan have already seen their tours extended by up to six months.

    And military experts fear it is a precursor to the hard-pressed Ministry of Defence forcing all troops to serve overseas for longer.

    MoD to Extend Tours to 12 Months?
  2. 6 months on 2 years off.
    12 months on 4 years off.

    What's the difference? Those who do not like it have the privelage to sign off.
  3. Will it really be 1yr on, 4 yrs off?
    Or 1 yr on, 2yrs off?

    And would it have any bearing on the rate of psychological problems? Surely experiencing all that for longer (Even if the ratio was the same) is going to compound anything of that sort...
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    From the article

    An MoD spokesman said: "We realise the value of continuity in key roles and have extended selected key appointments. Currently there are no plans to extend tour lengths for front-line battalions. Commanders are also aware of the impact that operational tours, their frequency and length, have on our personnel and military families."

    With op tag training etc would the build up and tour not be more like 18 months
    What about a nice married patch out at the COB?
    Some of those Iraqi huts where quite nice :D
  5. Deeper and deeper. How about some help from our NATO colleagues? Mercer is wrong. The British Army is being run into the sand, for what?
  6. In my experience the longer you are in a volotile environment the more you get used to it. A year on with 4 years off may be better.
  7. Fallsch you know and I know it will not be 1 on 4 off. Take a look at the US and their experience. Furthermore incidence of PTSD in US Forces is sky rocketting.
  8. Whats the point is all this time off. After 12 months someone would be back to a physical peak and have time for some training.
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The difference is that many will, sign off.

    Some people enjoy the excitement of active service, Judging by your posts since your tour of AFG FJ you like the buzz and want more of it. Not everyone does for a second time mate. Offered another session the majority will say no thanks.

    Nothing to do with not having the balls or guts to do it but simply people have other priorities in life, and beyond finding out if you've got what it takes there's not many who are interested in getting their arse shot off for a bunch of ingrates a second time round. 'War is a young mans game' is not a quote based on nothing.
  10. The level of stupidity in some of these forums never ceases to amaze. Perhaps less stupidity and more gross naivety which probably amounts to the same thing. Extending your tour to 12 months with four years off.....and who suggested this....a labour politician?!!!


    These are Broons crew, who will say anything to keep their miserable jobs or perhaps you believe everything they tell you.

    <Shakes his head in disbelief> :roll:
  11. As the article says, there are no plans to extend tours to 1 year. Senior officers doing 9 months makes sense, they get time to conduct a 'longer' game plan and to ensure their intent is met.

    One of the Americans early failings in Iraq was the fact that after 6 months a Div Commander who was building rapport and confidence with the Iraqis was rotated out and some Gung-Ho hoo-ahing prick would take over and isolate the Iraqis who had helped the previous Commander. - See 'Fiasco' by Thomas E. Ricks for details.
  12. Guys, don't waste your breath on this story.

    Slow news day for the Daily Mail. The story is based on three points:

    1. Some key senior officers have had their tours extended for continuity

    2. Kilcullen - in an article published a while back - wrote that the US benefit from having longer tours. Probably true, but not necessarily something we're going to copy.

    3. "Military experts"... hmmm... who, exactly? To be honest, if the Mail had spoken to anyone in the know it would be "Senior Officers declared.... "

    Nothing more than that. If it were a serious proposition, the Mail would be pinching the story from ARRSE, not the other way round.

    In this case I fully believe the MoD. They aren't completely stupid. In many cases, yes... but not in this one.

    Basically - ain't gonna happen. No point getting outraged over a non-story.

  13. The 2 biggest ops tours I did, were of 18 and 12 months duration!!!
  14. With all this time in between tours might as well make every one TA.
  15. Nigegilb writes
    "The British Army is being run into the sand, for what?"

    Yes Nue Labours motives do make me wonder.
    12 month tours would suggest a greater Afganistan infrastructure would be required to support troops in country.
    6 months is probably right for I doubt the Army could allow 4 years between tours.