MoD set to block sat nav systems

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Look on the bright side. Many of the grockles will never get there and if they do will starve to death because the Pizza/Indian/Chinese delivery bloke will never find them

    MoD set to block sat nav systems
    People in Cornwall have been warned satellite navigation systems will not work later this week as the Ministry of Defence carry out a jamming exercise.
    The aim of the GPS blocking exercise is to find out how interference could affect military personnel. It will take place on Thursday and Friday.

    The MoD said its Portreath base would be the base.

    The effect will extend for a radius of 11 km (7 miles) which would cover Camborne and Redruth.

    "Although GPS provides highly accurate information, the radio signals from the satellite are extremely weak and are susceptible to both jamming and unintentional radio interference," said the MOD in a statement.

    "The trials are taking place to better understand these effects on military equipment and therefore will help to protect our forces."

    An MOD spokesman said all the emergency services which might use the systems have been informed and if an emergency is under way, the MOD can suspend the trial.

    All ambulances are fitted with satellite navigation and in a statement, South Western ambulance service said it was aware of the jamming exercise and that key staff had been informed.

    Falmouth Coastguard said it had also been
  2. Are you sure the correct term is 'grockle'? The last time I looked it was Emmet!
  3. Camborne and Redruth problem then, eveyone's trying to get out rather than in.
  4. Grockle be Devon my cocker
  5. Ah well, near enough.

    Chavscum better?
  6. I thought it was conehead?

    Anyway it won't affect Pastie production, seeing as they comes from Devon moy babber :D
  7. The correct term for someone from the People's Republic of Kernow is Pointy Headed Fucker....
  8. Oh not another one....we now have a pastie walt! Repent PTP. We all know they come from Cornwall. Now did I tellyou about the time I was fishing in the Fowey with a good friend and mentor of mine Lord snodg.......... :lol:
  9. Wrong on so many, many counts:

    a) Emmets, not grockles ffs.
    b) The whole story's rubbish because we don't have electricity in the Kingdom of Cornwall anyway.
    c) Cambourne and Redruth are indeed armpits.
    d) The correct term is not coneheads or similar, but Blessed Citizens of the Kingdom of Kernow and Enemies of the King's Revenue Men.
    e) Pastys (not pasties, ffs) come from Cornwall, always have done, always will do.
    f) sanchauk, you get a voucher for a free blowjob :)
  10. Pasties come from the bakers. Cornwall's a f***ing long way to go for a pasty.

    There is a theory that pasties actually came from France, but when the local TV reported asked for views from some town or other the replies were neither polite or well articulated.
  11. Artemis, I will be around Camborne in the next few weeks...I'm trusting you are female??? Consider voucher redeemed. If not does that mean I get a free trip to a certain "house" off the A30??
  12. Youm never had a proper ivor dewdney then me lovely?

    an dont be starting me on those kernow rogues :)
  13. Those are fine looking pasties aren't they Halo? Absolutely magnificent, like a proper pasty is supposed to look. Plump full of Devonian goodness.

    I see they're able to deliver as well. obviously unaffected by GPS shennanigans.
  14. It's not a real pasty unless it's been handmade by some who's had the recipe in their family for generations and it's got your initials in the crust.

    People from Devon didn't have fire when people in Cornwall were baking pastys. Delivery? It's not a b*stard burger :x

    I hate you all.
  15. grockles in Dorset, my lover