MOD: Selling off the family silver

Rumour control has taken off near Tidworth amongst horsey crowds about the future sale of Tidworth house to turn it into a boutique posh hotel.
I'd imagine the upkeep for it costs a bomb (grade II in sh1te condition) and that the real estate is worth a penny (or ten)

Horsey bunch are up in arms, as the polo club on the gorunds might be moving........ :roll:

Some questions:

Are the bright lights of Tidworth a big enough pull for the hotel? It does make a better pit stop on the A303 than Andover or Amesbury...

When is the Camberley RMAS prime real estate up for grabs?

Will the MOD actually sell property at the peak of the property market as opposed to considering the idea just before the slump?
It's a pretty run down hovel of a building, which MOD can't afford to keep up, but also can't do enough to afford to sell it. A far sighted project team would have wrapped the building up in the Allenby-Connaught PFI and done something similar to Barrington House at Shriv - which is now a quite striking venue, with state of the art accommodation on one side. However, Tidworth House is slightly blighted by being right next to a large garrison, in the same way that Minley Manor. More should be done to sell the stables as a going concern - I'm always vexed by the way we are obsessed with horses, now that even the future of tanks is up for grabs (according to a Chatham House speech by new CGS). Cue outrage from Armoured Corps....

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