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MoD "selling off" empty Pilot Courses

"Last month, Air Chief Marshal Sir Simon Bryant, the RAF’s second in command, told MPs that the air force is threatened by a growing manning crisis as it faces running short of both pilots and ground crew

Morale among airmen is “fragile” and that their fighting spirit is being threatened by being over-worked, he said. "

Blimey. The crabs are being overworked. Never thought I'd see the day...


I wonder if this will actually save some blokes' jobs?
It'll keep some instructors in post hopefully and the cash will pay for the Brits on the course. We've been playing that game for decades and it works. The foreign cash injection will save the RAF having to look for money elsewhere. Pretty good business sense I think. We might be skint, but we've been training Johnnie Foreigner for years and we are good at it. They like us, they pay top dollar and it helps maintain the good reputation the British Forces have in training.

We obviously don't need or can afford to train as many British pilots at this point in time, so the politically motivated whines of the tabloid and other fish & chip wrapper rags should shut the **** up and let Crab Air get on with making some decent wedge. Cor Blimey Ginger.

Oh, and before I forget...it will keep many ground crew and local civvys in jobs, as well as helping to maintain the local economy which is so reliant upon air station personnel for their very existence.
Yeah, binning the pilots was a poor decision, but having done it we might as well get some cash back from it.

Indeed, these flop-pe slots might well be subsidising the training for the pilots that we do have left.
Anyone who has been through the Lean process knows how to make the most of irreducable spare capacity. The QFIs, support staff, airfields and aircraft are all there with not much to do but cannot be got rid of because we will need some of the capacity for the foreseeable future. It makes perfect sense to sell off the spare seats to generate some cash and keep the QFIs current, the aircraft working and the airfields open for when we need them all to ourselves again.
Of course, it does mean that the UKLFS is full of idiots who will think nothing of banging out at the sight of a yellow caption because Allah wills it...
Is full of idiots? ;-)

(Unable to highlight and bold that part of the quote, I wonder if this is a feature the latest site upgrade has produced?)

This isn't just a FW issue, DHFS is actively seeking ways to fill the gap, so to speak.

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