MOD says Tankies need remedial WHS

As a result of the Sgt Roberts coroners report the MoD admit that tank crews are insufficiently trained on their personal weapons (it is accepted that 'Tank Crews' need extra training) if they do the same as the rest of us in regard to MATTTs are we all to be considered not properly trained?
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There is a pointed reference to inadequate skills,,,,.....not a lack of equipment! This reference therefore lays the blame for Sgt Roberts regretable death at the door of his crew. It is implied that tank crews need more time on their WHS it therefor indicates that as a basic skill it is insufficiently taught and as a matter of HSW we are all inept.
The problem is with the sight `parralax ?`is a known factor,that when shooting at close quarters the position of the gun to the sight/aiming marks is way off,that´s why Main Gun sights have(had) an extra marking for targets at close range!

If there is no such marking for the MG then it is not a handling problem but a production/development oversight,and should be remedied before somebody else gets killed.

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