MOD says sorry to gay personnel

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. 'Armed Forces reflect society shocker!'

    A spokesman has said sorry because the military turfed out gays in the 50s, 60s and 70s. As I recall, they weren't too well tolerated in much of civvy street at the time either.

    This from the BBC:

    The compensation lawyers will love this..

    Mortar Platoon?
  2. oldbaldy

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  3. So does that mean all WO2's are Second Class and not Class Two's?

    (awaits incoming! :D )
  4. When I read that story earlier I cringed. I'm sure that there were injustices, as there have been throughout history regarding a whole host of things, but I'm just not comfortable with judging yesteryear's decisions (which echoed the social attitudes of the time) using the social attitudes of today.

    I think that it's wrong that governments today are expected to apologise for things that happened tens and sometimes hundreds of years ago as national attitudes and norms of behaviour, as with individuals, change over time.
  5. Gays reply: Why that's just super of you, thank you. I've come over all a-flutter.
  6. At the end of the day they were squaddies (well the Army ones at least) and sorry won't cut it; give them a nice fat cheque and they will fcuk off happy and will not care if the head poo ba is sorry or not.
  7. Caveman in wife club death shocker!!!

    The govt would like to apologise sincerely for not putting enough precautions in place 10000 years ago, whic lead to a disproportionate number of female cave dwellers being beaten to death with clubs.
  8. the_boy_syrup

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  9. Is this going to turn into another gay bashing thread FFS, realy just leave it will you yes there are gays serving yes we are a minority (note i am out now) but does it realy matter if your gay or straight it should about being if there a good egg or a waste of skin.

    Straight or Gay we all serve, and bleed if shoot at or bombed.
  10. When will we start drawing a line under what happened in the past.

    Learn from our "mistakes" but don't fall on your sword because we upheld the contract of the day.

    Whether its being Gay or getting pregnant you knew the contract said no. Now times have moved on lets sue the company for wrongdoing.

    Quote fm Robert Ely (Apparently) "For me, compensation now is the only way to end it. In the past I haven't been a person to want compensation. Now I do. Now I do." To get to WO1 in the maroon machine must in the 70s & 80s must have hid it well and been good at what he did, just a bit complacent in last 12 months of service.

    I didn't get the pocketmoney that kids today do, can I claim for that? Its left huge emotional scars don't you know!!

    Never had counciling for any of the things seen as part of mil life but still okay (apart from the twitch and occasional rant on Arrse!) There are plenty of more deserving cases out there. Suppose I wont be too popular at the Gay Pride March tommorrow outside the office but hey ho.

    Rant over, anyone know any good PC jokes?
  11. It hasn't turned into a gay bashing thread - it's topical. Are 'straight' personnel only allowed an opinion that conforms to the 'norm'. Are you like so many minorities who want equality but jump on anyone who dares to voice their opinions.
  12. Halo,

    Its not Gay Bashing its frustration at the system. An individual was asked to leave because he broke the rules of his contract. If he felt wronged he should have challenged it 21 years ago. Why has he waited until now? Because the system is scared to offend anyone that they will pay up.

    Personally I couldn't give a monkeys about anyone's personal sexual orientation as long as they take a turn at getting the beers in. :)
  13. That was the rule back then, now why should they apologise to the people that broke the rules. Hell i got got caught on some daft rules but o one ever said sorry to me. Being queer and a National Serviceman didn't cut any ice in those days either. It did not matter is you were as bent as £3.00 note you still had to do your two years, still with luck they got into the Navy or Air Force
  14. Biped

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    I actually feel sorry for the bloke who had to make the statement. The poor fcuker's been put in a McJob to 'advise the gobment on their equal opportunities' boll0cks. Who'd want a job like that?

    He's only saying what the homo's in power want him to, or he's not doing his McJob. I ask you: Wing Commander in charge of poofs and minorities? Wouldn't he prefer to actually command a 'wing'?
  15. By all accounts the RN have decided that RN personnel going to the gay pride parade are classed as being on duty and are allowed to claim for travel costs to the event....

    That's just so fcuking wrong on so many levels. :x

    If they want to go, then go. Just don't do it in my fcuking uniform. You are not representing me or the majority of the RN so don't disgrace the RN like you did last year.