MoD says bye bye to IiP

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Filbert Fox, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. Cash strapped MoD drops Investors in People:

    All IiP activity is to cease immeadiately but the MoD can use the logo until Feb 2011.

    All that effort getting accredited only to be sacked due to the cost of having an external organisation to validate any work done.

    It was a pain in the arse but to those involved (not me), getting that little plaque on the admin corridor wall was a tremendous achievement.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    How did IiP help the soldier on the Clapham Omnibus?
  3. Or indeed the Basra Snatch?
  4. IiP.... Investors in Paper. Biggest load of tosh ever. Good riddance.
  5. It only helped COs as they managed to get a little sentence in their OJAR/OBE citation that their unit achieved IiP accreditation, I still dont know what IiP actually did or what it was good for?
  6. Exactly. Our lot didn't understand it nor if the truth be known did they even care, just as long as the 'motif' appeared on every regurgitated piece of crap that they ploughed out, it was their golden ticket in the promotion stakes. Such a shame that in quite a few cases, certain individual's careers just sort plateau'd. Did I laugh? Oh yes indeedee!
  7. Biggest adminstrative waste of effort I ever came across. It was nothing to do with what you did; it was all about presenting evidence that you were doing it!

    A lot of small service providers lost out as Local and Central Government departments would only deal with businesses that had IiP accreditation along with ISO 9000 etc!
  8. IiP - one of the finest scams ever invented.
    Step 1 - Study the military system of man management and career structuring.
    Step 2 - Civilianise and dumb down system to make it appropriate for a broad spectrum of business sectors
    Step 3 - Sell it back to the military as the "new way forward".
    Step 4 - Enjoy the profits from the self licking lolly pop created

    The post military career of which ever senior officer(s) sponsored/pushed this adoption should be examined to see if they then got a plum job "advising" about IIP.

    The subservient, institutionalised and servile corporate mentality in some areas of the military that thought civvy street could teach a war fighting organisation a thing or two about how to do managment "properly" is the source of many a poor strategic and structural decision.

    ooh, i feel a really good rant building up that might be worth a thread of its own!!
  9. The only thing IiP ever did for me was get me charged for failure to attend.

    The CoC decided that I was the perfect candidate to be interviewed by the team accrediting 3 Bde Sig Sqn, only no one remembered to tell me. So when I dutifully took PT for the Sqn instead of attending the interview, the OC took it as a personal affront and relieved me of £400.

    The evidence provided was a copy of that day's part 1s which had blatantly been produced after the event.
  10. Not aware how much this cost the MoD financially in terms of how much we paid IiP, not a great deal looking at their accounts;

    However, the quatity of manhours that were wasted over this pish were IIRC enormous. Good riddance to a process that was already carried out with mid terms and CR's anyway but didn't allow us a little logo on the corner of letters - which took even more time up, creating templates.

    Can I throw the glossy and irrelevant folder away now?
  11. You mean you actually kept it?
  12. Can I throw the irrelevant plaque that hangs on the wall away too?
  13. msr

    msr LE

    "Investors in People UK is the non-departmental government
    responsible for developing and delivering the Investors in
    People Standard, the UK’s leading business improvement tool
    for people management."

    Another one for the bonfire of the Quangos then?
  14. Why Mod Main is at it perhaps they should direct TLBs' to cease their ridiculous training targets. DE & S, as an example, mandates that everybody completes 6 days trg per year, regardless of whether or not they need it. Because most don't need 6 days trg, the statistics at year end have to be manipulated to ensure this target has been reached - cue much inventing of trg.

    Utterly pointless. Let managers and staff decide what trg is needed, within financial boundaries. Setting an arbitary training bill, and then putting pressure on managers to fill this void, is both demoralising, costly, and unproductive.
  15. Seconded!.......