MoD say sorry over poster in Londonderry.

Seems the MoD have upset some bogtrotters who's relatives were slotted during Bloody Sunday...

BBC News - MoD apologises as RAF poster angers Bloody Sunday families

The government has apologised after an RAF recruitment billboard put up in Londonderry angered some relatives of those who died on Bloody Sunday.

Kate Nash, whose brother was one of 14 people killed by the Army in 1972, said the poster put up opposite her home in the Brandywell, was "deeply hurtful".

The poster has since been taken down and the SDLP said this was done responsibly and quickly.
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Yup, I can see why a picture of an RAF Reserve first aider would be soooooo offensive. UK armed forces advertising in NI? Unthinkable as it's coming up to an anniversary etc etc etc.
Next we will stop advertising recruitment in any village/town where a family has lost someone in the Iraq/Afghan conflicts as it will be deemed to be callous on part of MOD or to emotionally traumatic for the families....


How does that song go?

"A, I'm an Armourer,
B, I'm an Armourer.
C, I'm an Armourer......"
It is always the anniversary of some perceived slight or religiou injustice for the bogtrotters. They could teach militant islamists a thing or two about adopting a persecution complex.

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Cause we all know it was really the RAF in Londonderry that day

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It was "the bratash".

And that will be enough to keep it a current & pertinent issue for the next.... Oh, 900 years or so..
Don't forget. In 1945 after all the evidence of Nazi death camps and atrocities had been uncovered, Bogtrotter-in-Chief ( Prime Minister Eamon De Valera ) still found time to visit the German Consulate in Dublin to sign the book of condolences for the recently self-demised Adolf Hitler.

Ah to be sure, he was a lovely fella.
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The fact is, Londonderry was always a great recruiting ground for the forces. There's probably still loads of young people from there joining up but they daren't say anything in case they get their windaes broken. There's an element controlled by Sinn Fein who are still trying to tell the community to hate the British.

It sickens me. Sinn Fein are corrupt from the top to the bottom. Did you know that every Sinn Finner in has to donate a substantial part of their salary to party funds? Bad enough to know that Shinners can hold office these days but to thinbk that public money is going into their coffers to allow them to promote hate about a flipping recruiting poster in an area where jobs are badly needed - it's enough to make me boke.
Another example of the rise to power of the outraged/offended individual. "I am offended, therefore I am right". Ricky Gervais had it spot on.
Another example of the rise to power of the outraged/offended individual. "I am offended, therefore I am right". Ricky Gervais had it spot on.
It's manipulation, that's what it is. The Shinners won't leave well enough alone. Why shouldn't young RC's join the forces? All of Ireland has a huge tradition of joining the British forces, even many of our greatest generals have been from Ireland. In doing this all those bastards are doing is perpetuating the fear and intimidation they've been guilty of since 1970.
I'm deeply offend by the sight of fat mums taking their fat kids to school but was anything done about that? Nooo in fact the policeman I talked to was rather against my planned cattle-prod plan.

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