MoD say defence cuts sories 'untrue'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Jun 27, 2004.

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  1. The MoD have denied today's Mail on Sunday story about the next Defence cuts.

    A spokeswoman said (apparently with a straight face): "We are ensuring, and will continue to ensure, that our armed forces are best equipped to do the job we ask of them."

    Rather destroys any credibility about their denials....:twisted:
  2. Did he have his fingers crossed when he said that ?
  3. Similar story in todays times - though they say that it will be 3 bttlns and up to 12,000 RAF punters...but that the MOD maintain it will only be 200 people who loose their jobs in real terms - all older NCO's!!!!

    They also say that the recruiting freeze will be implemented for a longer period and that they defence budget will be increased by 1% each year for the next 3 years.

    All this whilst overseasaid get a budget of about 700million on top of what they currently get.

    Peace dividend my arrse.
  4. On Adam Boultons programme (Sky News) Sir Nicolas Soames when pressed about MOD cuts said to expect a "massive manpower cut in the RAF, the loss of 4 to 5 Infantry Regiments and a couple of warships"

    Mr Boulton ask Sir Soames if he knew this for sure with which he replied yes.
  5. The RAF I know, all "knew" about it weeks ago. Got the number a bit low with 9000 going.
    Also saying that Hoon will announce it just before their hols.

    The RAf are forming a line now to be fist in for the big payout..
  6. Surely that reduces us to an MLRS, three cooks, a small minesweeper and a regimental goat called horace. 8O 8O
  7. You forgot the ferret which is the mascot of the Prince of Wales Own. It even has a small ceremonial cap and uniform, paid for from regimental funds. Not on ration strength, either, so the MoD will love it. :lol:
  8. How can the MoD deny what's going to get cut or not?

    Admittedly they may not exactly know how many pennies that nice generous chancellor is going to hand over. But they must have a very good idea.

    Last year's Defence White Paper was content free, but the Army has been producing a new Future Army Structure. Leaks from that have been appearing online, see the 22 Sigs Reforming and New London TA Bn threads in the appropriate forums. So if there is good news about extra units being planned then there is bound to be bad news waiting to get officially released too.

    It’s very dishonest of the MoD to claim they don't know. It would be better if they just admitted that they are not going to say anything until it is a "good day for burying bad news", or just before Parliament goes on its long summer recess!
  9. So putting these together, this would sort of imply the soldiers and officers are going to the signals??

    Well, thats what happened at SDR for many TA infantryman
  10. It's just classic MoD evasion tactics. A range of options have already been presented to the Army board. The decisions have been taken, subject to the departmental spending review outcome. How that filters down to the guys in the line battalions will depend on the cash in the kitty. We all know committees of staff officers have been working for the best part of the last year on a series of alternatives. Unless there's a leak from on high, everything else is just speculation for now. It would be standard operational procedure for MoD bods to whisper tales of really bad news and then, when the actual cuts emerge, to point out that they're not as swingeing as they might have been. Cnuts. :twisted:
  11. Not sure this is logical. Surely the MOD do not want the cuts - therefore why blame them ?

    This is a straight forward case of lack of money and the MOD having to cut its cloth accordingly. All in the MOD are striving to make every penny that we have at present - go as far as possible !
  12. Making every penny that's why we've a 3.1 billion overspend in defence projects, then? Whose fault is that? I'd put it down to incompetence, though some might say it's the triumph of hope over expectation, given the track record of British Waste of Space and others.
  13. One thing for sure the MOD over the decades, have been very consistent in protection of their own flanks and their Ivory tower and not the arms of the service.

    Whatever happens the Mandarins will look after theirselves first :evil:
  14. how about we chop 50000 mod civil servants :D
    surely we don't need 1 mod civil servant to admin one squaddie matlot civi in really unflaterring c& a kit :twisted:
  15. Industry has over the past few decades consistently reduced the number of admin staff needed to support a given number of productive employees. The MoD has seemingly increased.

    I think I know who I'd be letting go of ....