MoD ruggedised Lap Top computers, What do you think of them, please?

Has anyone got any thoughts on Army issue Lap Top computers please?
I have got the chance to buy one from a Government Surplus Sale.
I wouldn't bother unless it was Uber cheap

where you getting it from

I used to lug a dirty heavy rugadized lappy around on "harcore" field jobs.

It cost ******* loads weighed loads and I gave up in the end and just wang round with the lightest functioning laptop. If It breaks I buy another one simples
If it's one of those Panasonic Toughbooks we used to lug around, don't bother. Buy something cheaper, faster and lighter and get a decent case.
There as good as any computer of a similar software spec. Just that they can withstand a bit of bashing. I agree with fatboy. Just buy a normal one and don't drop it.
Rip off and pretty crap to be honest.

Save money by getting a decent laptop and the get a Pelicase or similar box type thingy.

What spec laptop is it and how much?


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As CC says, buy this and lob your laptop in.

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