MOD restrictions on LBR and fire with movement?

Can anybody shed any light on the following found here:

Safety Notice Number 02/11 Date 7 Mar 11 Title: Use of Long Barrelled Pistol on MOD Ranges Superseded by: Vol 2 Ed 3 Change 5 Amnd Aug 11
Other item is:

9. Provisos. The whole basis of this Volume rests on the premise that:
a. Training is completed prior to firing in accordance with appropriate
Service training directives.
b. Only Service Approved Weapons and ammunition, the limitations of
which are given in Chapter 2 Table 3, may be used. Other weapons and
ammunition may be used as static single shot marksmanship practices but
must be within the ME and MV limitations set out in this JSP.
Note 1: Service Approved Weapons are those that have a Safety Case and
WDA issued by the respective Project Team (PT).

The LBR notice could be anything at all but the second item seems to suggest that practices such as the Civilian service Rifle matches which require a run down are effectively prohibited....
I cant locate the para but arnt civilian shoots static. The moving between fixed firing points / distances ,are with firearms that are unloaded or made safe. makeing ready only taking place on the approprate firing point .Mind you this could make problems for practical shooters.
Yes, the run-down is running down with one up the spout & safety applied. Did it with both a No.4 and a Mosin-Nagant 91/30.

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