MoD response to Dannatt comments

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Is no doubt embedded within a number of posts but IMHO is such an outrage that it deserves a thread all alone.

    "The MoD said that a recent “attitude survey” carried out across the Armed Forces had revealed that 92 per cent of army officers and 79 per cent of other ranks felt proud to be in the Army.

    The MoD said that the army briefing team had canvassed the opinions of all ranks, and its report contained the “unedited views of individual soldiers, some of which represented more widespread opinion, and others are isolated views”.

    That is an utter disgrace, because anybody who actually says they believe that (and there can be very few) are either self interested cowards, moral bankrupts or in denial.

    At a critical time such people have no place in Government service. :x
  2. Im proud to have been in the army (left last week after 23 years), but its the MoD and the govt and their treatment of the forces and their families that I'm disgusted with.
  3. I couldnt be happier with our accomodation

    Pay as you dine is fantastic

    Jpa is first class, all my needs are met

    The standard of recruits is better than its ever been

    We only ever get sunshine tours

    I never feel undervalued

    All my pigs are fed and ready to fly, dont know what all the fuss is about.
  4. :?
    Are you saying that those that responded are lying or just cowards?

    I would hope that at least 79% would be proud to be in the Army.

    Or are you outraged at the 11% who are serving but are not proud to be?

    Do you think the Army is somehow not something to take pride in?

    Confused of arrse :?
  5. What was the actual question?

    Are (were) you proud - YES

    Do you think the gobernment is doing all it can for the Army? (anything would be a start) - 100% NO.

    Bit like the court case with the lawyer and the question...

    Mr Smith a simple question with a yes or no answer ...

    Do you still beat your wife?
  6. "The MoD said that the army briefing team had canvassed the opinions of all ranks, and its report contained the “unedited views of individual soldiers, some of which represented more widespread opinion, and others are isolated views"

    In other words, what they are saying is that the report contains statements which have varying degrees of support. Does anyone here disagree with that - not everyone feels the same way on any issue. They're not denying this, they're pointing out that not every soldier has said the same thing.
  7. After having pointed out that virtualty all serving members are proud to be part of the Army Royal. Therby making it look as if only a bare handful are unhappy with conditions in the army. Clever, and slimy!
  8. You are certainly confused about maths
  9. Mate, I have not the slightest doubt that at least 92 per cent of officers and 79 per cent of OR's are proud to be in the Army.

    And that is despite being treated like shit.
  10. The other 10% have PVR'd and don't count. :oops:
  11. Thought that was what you meant. :wink:

    Now the fact that this despicable coterie of fools and corrupt liars that are the powers that be now use that information to try and show how much they are doing for the armed forces is disgusting.
  12. Standard spin I'm afraid.

    The vast majority of us are proud of what we do, in a lot of cases it is all that keeps some people in.

    At the same time you can still be unhappy about JPA, time between tours etc.

    The two are not linked.
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I understand it was the Treasury that wanted to get its hand on the "raw" data of the CAS to allow it to give its own opinion and spin (presumably to "correct" anything put out in the official report). My understanding is that they were told to pi$$ off by LAND.

    It somewhat shocks me that the MoD seems to have been briefed to take that role on for them and effectively has sought to attack the data in Dannett's report.

    My read is that the good General had better watch out for his back. With another politico arriving in the shape of Baroness Taylor, Labour are tightening the squeeze on the Military and he is a "problem".

    Loyalty and the military covenant are things of little value for Labour (as we know). This MoD statement sickeningly reinforces it and makes me realise again just how little standing we have with our Leaders. :(

    editted once for mong fingers
  14. Todays response is typical MOD media spin use one report to refute another in this case quote some nice figures about being proud from the CAS Sept06 to Jan07 where as the comments in yesterdays papers are from CGS briefing team report 2007 .