MOD Reply to banning EBay

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gixxer750, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. Having just read this is the Scum;

    DEFENCE bosses have banned troops from surfing eBay — because it’s distracting them from the nation’s defence.

    Military IT experts discovered that servicemen who had returned from overseas duty were busy spending a £2,240 bonus on the auction site.

    Top brass were worried it was too much of a distraction, so brought in the ban across the MoD’s internet network. It applies to all 180,000 men and women in uniform AND 100,000 civilian staff.
    With Christmas coming, the decision has angered Our Boys. One soldier just back from Iraq said: “It’s a breach of our liberties. First they give us a tax-free bonus, then they stop us spending it how we want. Most of us only get the chance to use the net in our free time anyway.

    “When you’re on ops in the Middle East, you can hardly pop down the local internet cafe.” Another officer said the ban would leave troops shelling out hundreds of pounds extra for their own kit.

    He said: “The lads like to personalise the bog-standard equipment we’re issued with their own purchases, to improve them and make them more comfortable.

    “The best way to do that is second-hand over eBay. Now that’s been denied to us we’ll have to go to camping shops instead and shell out more for new stuff.”

    Returning soldiers were issued the £2,240 for a six-month deployment after a campaign by The Sun. It is issued to cancel out the income tax bill troops had to pay while away.

    But the MoD confirmed last night they will not be able to spend it on eBay.

    A spokesman said: “As with many other employers, the MoD does not allow its networks to be used for private transactions on commercial auction sites.”

    Not sure the "distracting them from the nations defence" is really the best defence!!!!!!!
  2. Ebay is blocked from IGS, it doesnt interfere with how people spend money.

    Scum article is piss poor dribble as usual.

    It does make my long dull uneventful days even longer nwo i can't surf Ebay anymore mind...
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Most large businesses block sites like Ebay, reduces WAN traffic, nothing new about computer usage policys. Bet everyone would be pissed if they only allowed email to be used, does OWP state internet access or email access?
  4. Dissapointing even though I only check it to see the various SF mess tins highlighted here on ARRSE.

    If they mess with this site it could be PVR time..........................
  5. Tripe. Tom must had been bored :roll: the ban has other important consequences than barring Ebay. On another thread, it said the ban was only between certain times (0600-1800)?
  6. Its true about the timings, you can go on it after hours.....its amazing the amount of people staying in work at night to finish their work!! :wink:
  7. As usual, the Sun has published utter, utter bollox.

    Their 'sources' are undoubtedly their own comments in most of their stories and am convinced this is DEFINITELY the case here.

    It's not a breach of liberties-it's down to various factors that a lot of companies consider including security and bandwidth issues.

  8. which camping shops sell good desert boots and cop vests then?????
    has the scum been making things up.

    come on, hands up who has bought second hand boots,thought so
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    More like trying to SELL the stuff that they have proffed on tour