MOD Releases Latest UK Armed Forces Manning Figures

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Outstanding, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. lLike to know where all this full manning is as i am down 25% of my Sgts ( estab for 4, got 3, however 2 are out next year and no replacements), and 50% Cpls and LCpls (3 out of 6 and 3 out of 7 respectively, and again some due posting/out and no replacements), have been for 7 months and auntie at records has said there is no-one to send to me. Other Bns i talk to are in a similar position.

    As for redundancies, i reckon a lot of the 7% will probably come from natural wastage and a reduction in recruiting.

    I believe the current annual leaving rate, either at the full 22yr point or those signing off earlier, is still around 9-10%.

    Talking to people, officers and SNCO's, once this recession is over, say 2 yrs from now, there is going to be a mass exodus from the forces as people try to get on the stregnthening job market, especially if the private sector start taking on the public roles that are going. the forces are no longer viewed as a secure employer and even pensions may be at risk in future.

    Same happened in the 90's, to the point where some capbadges suddenly realised they where losing loads of good blokes and were no longer recruiting enough to fill the gap.

    But hey i am way down the food chain and not privvy to the big picture.
  2. Full manning does not mean full to establishment. You may have more privates than you should have (or need) but be lacking the required number of SNCOs or JNCOs and still be at 100% manned.


  3. If you look at the charts the outflow from the Army has slowed right down, not suprising in times of economic uncertainty and a general lack of freshployment opportuties in the civilian sector. With a general reduction in all kinds of industry (less banking). Of course this was the Brown/Blair model in which the financial industry would provide all the cash to allow the state to provide loads of cash to scroungers!
  4. Pensionpointer

    I am aware of MPGA, doesn't help me on a daily basis though when virtually all of my NCOs are missing, it places more burden on those that are here to do more work and at a lower level. A class 3 pte isn't a substitute for a class 2 LCpl or Class 1 Cpl.

    Across the board as a trade gp we are (as at June this year) 49% short Cpls and 27% short LCpls (those figures from records),

    But i am over estab for ptes, hence the world weary look about me, stooped shoulders, grey hair, blood shot eyes and nervous twitches :)
  5. How many are female?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    No mention of the parlous state of the TA Officer Corps...
  7. The ta was most certainly in a parlous state if the officers i met when visiting pwog grantham were representative of the entire corps.
  8. There gun crime is going up too. Bans on weapons are completely pointless and increase violent crime. I see your point.
  9. Outstanding

    2 x female variants, one is now preggers and t'other is out in Dec, no replacement earmarked.

    My boss is also away for 5 weeks. Though thats not a bad thing (he is actually ok, as he actually gives a shit rather than viewing it as a 2 yr appt he has to get through, showing as little interest as possible).

    It means i will be down another jnr soldier whilst Doris is off calfing. She is straight out of the factory as well!
  10. Not quite..

    I always think of Grantham as the "Port Stanley" of the RLC TA... Only the dregs of the island end up there - all the rest are out in Camp working hard..

    I keep suggesting PWOG as a potential nuclear weapons test site, but they keep ignoring me..
  11. A little unfair (as are many references to the TA) as without these people turning up regularly we would find ourselves right up sh1t creek.
  12. Perhaps... but this is ARRSE after all!

    (and I was trying to defend the rest of the RLC TA Officer Corps...!)
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Not unfair at all. Grantham is a dump with very low standards set and often failed to achieve...