MOD quangos arent soft

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. I've been thinking about some of the cut backs the MOD have come up with in order to save money:

    Leave your BFA's fitted

    Send the Stabs home for six months

    Bye Bye MOD Plod

    and many more (Find your own)

    Is it just me or are the very people who need sacking making the decisions on where to cut back in order to cut costs? I only ask as I haven't seen any articles that say:

    "MOD desk jockeys cut by 33%"

    "MOD to cut the amount of laptops it loses on trains by 50%"

    "Government to axe the many varying types of headquarters elements it has for various military groups"

    As usual the jobs for the boys mentality is coming to the surface in times of economic bother and the working element of the Defence Sector is being forced to pick up the slack because there is nobody chopping the choppers!

    We really don't stand a chance of sorting this problem out as the Non-Jobbers are doing a good job of staying afloat at the expense of those they're there to support.

    God help us with these self serving fcuktards at the wheel!

    I think this just about sums it all up!
  2. I have an idea to save money:

    Replace benefits for the unemployed etc with food and clothing tokens.

    With the savings they can invest in giving proper support to the troops.

    This countries priorities are all messed up.
  3. Currently on leave, somewhere far nicer than the UK, so haven't really been following much recently. That said, the fiscal pressure on the MOD "Beancounters" is just as intense as on the front line commands to save money - there are recruitment freezes, overtime bans, numbers reductions and so on going on all the time - its just not deemed as newsworthy, nor particularly interesting.

    Its a perennial issue here, but no there aren't actually that many beancounters, the bulk of the MOD CS is about manual workers or security, rather than Sir Humphrey in Whitehall, and people are doing jobs to support the frontline.

    By all means cut the MOD CS, but then ask yourself what it is you no longer want to do as a result of this, or ask yourself what extra work you would be prepared to do to cover for the loss of staff. From bitter experience, I've seen those Mil staff who moan the loudest about the CS, complain the loudest when posts are ended and they have to pick up a lot of extra work as a result.

  4. Yep, got all that in my part of MODland.
  5. I thought it was the other way round? Or blanks are slightly more expensive than ball because of the smaller quantity manufactured?

    Can you learn/practice marksmanship principals/SAA on DCCT? Up to a point, maybe...?

  6. Retail prices:

    .223 Ball, £39.60 / 100

    .223 Blank, £37.40 / 100
  7. Good Post. Get rid of MOD GS/MPGS and won't it be a case of you 'Don't get a sad on, get a mag on and stag on'?

    More Guard, more block jobs, forget Wednesday Afternoon sports etc;?

    Wasn't one of the soldiers biggest gripes in the Cold war was the mind-numbingly boring periods of guard duty, and many gave it as a(nother) reason to sign off?

    Compared to a lot of other Armed forces worldwide we have civilianised many jobs that are still done by other countries service personnel.
  8. Noted, but is it RG 5.56 blank, rather than say, Federal Cheap-as-chips .223 for example? I think Reggie Grunthorpe's blanks are considerably more expensive but when compared to ball at circa £21/100 it evens out somewhat?

  9. Prices were for Prvi Partizan el cheapo stuff.

  10. There ya go…

    I'm sure Ainsworthless will spin this in Parliament along the lines of 'Blah, blah, higher threat from terrorists, blah, blah, troops to guard bases, blah, blah, higher level of security than using MODPol, blah, blah'