MOD property for sale in Arbroath

I was talking to a surveyor for the MOD and there will be some of the above coming up for sale, probably through Countrywide Auctions, in the next month or two.
Good on the government for selling when the arrse has dropped out of the market :roll:

However I was at the mighty 45th in circa 2002.

I can catagorically state that Arbroath a is a grade A shitehole. So I will not be putting my bids in there...
I have also spent time with the glorious 45th, and, believe me, there are worse places in the land of the oatmeal ethnics to find yourself (Benbecula and Cape Wrath come to mind, to name but a few).
thegimp said:
Apparently actual MOD property.

I nearly got filled in within 15 minutes of arriving in Arbroath presumably on the basis that I wasn't local and I looked as if I could be a bootie. Chavs in a classic small town car cut me off at the cliffs and I had to walk a little gauntlet; relaxed body language, slightly longer hair and a cheery smile meant that my head remained intact, but yeah, I don't think I'd fancy it. One of the doctors in the local A&E confirmed it's a bit "wild". A bootneck I know said that locals will hassle the wives if they know the marines are away, despite the fact they know there will be trouble when they get back.

so whats the fecking property pussser? we know its nasty up there
I only had a quick squint at the brochure - cheap semis, basically, and some land I think. All in it should raise enough dough for about 3 Javelin launches :(

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