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Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Xenophon, May 15, 2006.

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  1. I know I am preaching to the converted on this site but this leader from todays Telegraph says it all.

    Lions Equipped By Dinosaurs
  2. The article from the Telegraph is also of interest:

  3. Am I alone in thinking that referring to this cluster-fcuk as a "policy" is a little over-ambitious?
  4. Flying death traps more like, worn out from years of hard work.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    How much are blackhawks to buy? I would have thought these are much more versatil, plus can be adapted for pretty much anything! Plus i heard the raf actually prefer them to the present aircraft...
  6. Bringing them out of mothballs may be a good money saving idea, but not for that theatre. Perhaps they may be able to take over a role in UK/Germany/Cyprus/NI etc relieving some other aircraft for the Iraq/Afganistan role? It would be better than sending Sea King out to the wrong theatre. I have to say that although I have worked with the RAF and AAC, I have no idea on which aircraft are suitable for what role, and what is available/replaceable.
  7. But of course we won't be allowed to buy the straigh off the yanks, we'll have to purchase the licence and then make our own, full of bugs, at 5-10times the price. :evil:
  8. You know what they say Crabby..."smart procurement..isn't"
  9. The book mentioned in the article "Lions Donkeys and Dinosaurs" by Lewis Page is a good read actually, no area of the forces is spared scrutiny and it's shocking where the money goes. That is, assuming all the figures are completely true (Assumed as otherwise it'd be a load of rubbish)
  10. It is a good advert for Lewis Page's book. I'm about 1/2 way through and it contains many of those conversations that we have all had on stag, when bored, p*ssed off etc.

  11. Given that something over 3,000 H-60 variants have been built by Sikorsky, I'd imagine the unit price per basic Blackhawk would be pretty low. Certainly a lot cheaper than e.g. more Merlins and probably less than the £10m they're talking about to upgrade an old Sea King to give it a few more years of relaticely useless service.

    Possibly they could use the Sea Kings to backfill and release more capable helos to the front-line - but I don't think the UK actually has any capable transport helos to spare even with backfilling:

    38 or so Pumas - as old as the Sea Kings. Heavily tasked.

    30+ Chinooks - very heavily tasked, too large for some roles. Wish we had those HC3s!
  12. Let me get this right.....They're willing to waste £300 million on refurhishing 30 mothballed Sea Kings.... can't they pick up some cheap Pumas from the French...?

    Or, let me be radical here...Buy some more Merlins....? Tricky one I know, but gota certain ring to it...Or wait....Why don't they buy back the Supacat Armoured vehicles that RE EOD used to have in the Balkans that were flogged off cos they weren't needed...?
  13. We might as well cam up all those redundant London Routemaster buses and use them. On second thoughts, withdraw that suggestion, the folks at MOD procurement might latch on to the idea......
  14. Just spotted that line about "....He added that £4.5 billion had been set aside for the next decade to develop the "future rotorcraft capability programme"...."

    How many new transport Heli's will that buy? Say Merlins....Or Blackhawks. Or is that money going to be pissed up the wall on Projects that never get built and underweight overpriced Euro projects that take twice as long to come into service and cost twice as much as first annouced. If the Swedes can bring a Fighter into production and service largely on time and in budget why the **** can't we...?