MOD Probes £2.5 Million Pay Scam

This will feck up the manning figures - that'll be the Army understrength by one more Bn than was expected!

It's far grander than skimming off a secondary duty fund.
I thought this was a squaddie urban myth. I heard about a case like this 18 years ago, but that was one of those 'I heard about a bloke in Hong Kong etc', so I put it down as b*llocks. It obviously gave someone ideas.
Rather similar to somebody who woke up to the fact that the Berlin garrison had reduced in size by 66% and yet the ration bill was still the same size.........
Hang em high, its arsholes like this who are too wrapped up in "whats in my best interests?" that are rapidly becoming the bane of the Army!
Quite an old trick. Major during the war in Egypt drew pay and allowances for a whole phantom unit supposed to be building a petrol pipeline across the desert.
When the RAPC pay computer was first installed at Worthy Down they asked a group of us to look at it and see how marvellous it was. We put a case to them where a guy in the input room with access to the Hollerith-type cards and a friend in an unit pay office could make payments to either a complete phantom or a guy AWOL and pocket the dosh without anything showing out. The big wigs went away all quiet and after three days said that there were procedures in place to prevent such a thing happening. Yeah - took them 3 days to remember that?
There is also the story about the RE guy who worked with contractors on the road from HK downtown to Sek Kong. They laid the road 6" narrower than quoted for and made a packet for themselves.

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