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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by U_K_22, Aug 13, 2006.

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  1. Anybody here an MOD Police Officer?

    What's everyone's opinion on the MOD Police?
  2. Overpaid, Overweight. If they chased a robber round a camp they would die of a heart attack within 150yds.

    Well maybe it's changed. In the 1980's they were like that and it was rare to see any Mod Plods under 40yrs of age. I once saw them try to charge one of men as he had a rather gucci Para Smock that he had bought himself when he was in the cadets. They tried to frame him for knocking off kit. The chap was a christian and very honest and a lovely young keen guy. These 2 fat biffa MoD Plods nearly had him in tears. I told them to fcuk off that his word was his bond. I challenged them to charge him with theft and prove that he had indeed stolen it and from where. They soon quietened down. Maybe at different establishments they are a diffrent genre. Anyway, all they did was drink brews in their silly little MoD Plod station at the back of the guardroom. They were also rather fond of sleeping on duty, after my run I soon had all the orderley officers and guard commanders ringing them every 45 minutes all night and getting them to drive out and check various parts of the perimeter fence.

    Having said that they may of modernised an awful lot now, however thats my tuppence worth. I do stand corrected if anyone else has a good story.
  3. 58_Pattern wrote{/b]
    Are we on about MoD Guard Service(MGS) or MoD Police here?
  4. I just read on there site that you have to be a serving/former member of certain police forces to join...

    There loss. I'll wait the next 2 months to reapply for Kent...


  5. Yeah, then you told the RSM to f*ck off, won the lottery and spent it all on your top model girlfriends, transferred to 49 Para, single handedly won back the Malvinas from the Argies, only missed out on getting picked for the Army rugby team 'cos of the shrapnel in your back and once got off with Posh Spice before she was famous but binned her.
  6. Stroker I don't lower myself to email war or flaming. I gave my opinion from one unit in the 1980's. I also ended the thread that I stand to be corrected. I am both surprised and mildly miffed at your vitriolic outburst of spleen juice. Anyway I take grave exception to your comments. I have never swore at a Warrant Officer and was at school during Op Corporate.
  7. b]Monaro wrote[/b]
    Where did you find that?

    From MoD Police site, "Joining the MDP" page

    My bold, can't see anything about "certain forces".
  8. I'll give MOD Plod another 5 years before they are disbanded.
  9. ...So then i punched him in the face, and downed another breezer...


  10. Hmmm... I was looking at this:

  11. HA! It's exactly the same process...

    Great... the very thing I failed on... stupid PC rubbish :evil:
  12. Because copied it from the offical MOD Plod website!!!!!!!!!
  13. Monaro, mate, with investigation and analysis skills like that you will be an asset to whichever force you do join :p
  14. I think he should go straight into CID!!!