MOD Police Officer rewarded for work with female police in Helmand

Ministry of Defence said:
A Ministry of Defence policewoman has been rewarded for what has been described as 'probably one of the hardest challenges within the police reform programme' in Afghanistan.

Is this a spoof? The picture of the female Afghani policewoman all "cammed up" with a pistol cannot be real, as for the group photo and PC Henderson-------
Sounds plausible to me. Where they're working, it'd be pretty well impossible to be accepted without dressing "appropriately." Of course it would be more practical if they could wear similar clothing to the blokes, but they're probably getting enough hassle as it is. Good for them!
Pc Henderson. You would wouldn't you?


Book Reviewer
I like the fact that they are all wearing dark glasses so they won't be reocognised. The burka is obviously not enough on its own. I suppose Afghan men get very good at recognising different women - bit like the sad buggers who used to be able to tell it was a T-72 by looking at a roadwheel rivet...
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