MOD Police Expenditure

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by western, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Don't worry lads you might have to go on Ops with Easy Jet in the near future but someone stumped up the cash for these:

    A hi-tech Ministry of Defence (MoD) patrol boat undergoing trials in Devon may be introduced in other navy bases.

    The prototype is quicker and more manoeuvrable than other vessels
    A hi-tech Ministry of Defence (MoD) patrol boat undergoing trials in Devon may be introduced in other navy bases. The 15m (49ft) customised boat would be used for Royal Navy policing, protection and escort duties at bases in Devonport, Portsmouth and the Clyde.

    If the trials are successful another 15 vessels would be commissioned over five years. An MoD spokesman said: "The time is right to upgrade our launches and the technology carried on them."
  2. Good, about time the Forces started getting new kit bought for them.

    How do you expect them to patrol dockyards without boats?
  3. It's MODPlod not the forces and I would suggest the helicopters in Helmand are a higher priority.
  4. Same difference - work for the same people.

    Not if someone decides to blow up Ark Royal in Portsmouth harbour. How many helis do you reckon we could buy for the price of 15 dinghys?
  5. It really doewsn't matter what the MOD spend money on , and I know they don't spend enough, someone will always have an opinion on something that's more important. I know more helicopters are needed in Afghanistan but more armoured patrol vehicles are needed in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's a fact of life that there will never be enough money allocated to buy everything everyone wants. What is needed is for the government to stop sending too many troops to too many conflicts. It's time we realised that we aren't a major world power anymore.
  7. Is that water being disputed by the Iranians? :D
  8. I believe the Commander of USS Cole had a similar attitude.

    Do you think the chances of Ark Royal being attacked alongside are lower because the MOD Plod and the Andrew security on the ports are high enough to deter attack?

    By the same reasoning, we could stop paying for ammo for sentries in the UK and Germany. After all, are you more likely to be in contact in Nuneaton or Afghanistan?
  9. In the near future? Excel Airways is currently doing the job.
  10. Just saw the article on BBC Spotlight
    If the trial boat is anything like the 'in-service' variant then it'll be money well spent
    Damn thing has a very high top end speed and can almost stop on a man hole cover
    Water (?) directional jet powered
    Good job, if they get it
    But its beens aid before , orders for 15 , time they get into service they will be lucky if 4 are received
  11. Go on you're MODPlod aren't you? It's like reading the RAF Regt thread.
  12. there only need 4 as that how many naval bases we will have left soon :(
  13. Western - different budget - not transferable - endex
  14. ha ha thats a MOD plod if i ever heard 1 *crunch * any 1 else hear the bite!
  15. What a strange comment to make