MOD police as a career

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by thefootman, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know of anyone who has served or is currently serving in the MOD police. I have looked at their recruitment website and there is not much information on it.

    Does any know any more about it and if it is a worthwile job career.
  2. Money for old rope springs to mind - and free rail travel!!
  3. A lot of stagging on mate. A lot of ex Met blokes join up to continue their pension. They have a lot of middle of nowhere posts and if that suits you then crack on, otherwise have a look at proper plod first. You can always find lads to chat to up town US embassy, Admiralty buildings etc.
  4. OOps - no free rail travel - thats BTP!!! MOD Police guard gates and deal with stolen rations, exciting as hell!
  5. Pm'd yer, no gates where I am! Stolen rations, good job better out with the troops than sold on at Blackbush.
  6. But surprisingly the have the largest fraud squad of any police force
  7. They also have the units that escort nuclear weapons and provide VIP Close Protection.

    While MoD Plod and CNC have sexier kit than CivPol, the job sounds like it's going to be 90% stagging on.

    I'd rather join my local Force(whoops - SERVICE! :twisted: ), do my 2 years probation then volunteer for the cooler jobs/units. 8)

    Unfortunately, I first have to learn to drive... :cry:
  8. Three cops die and go to heaven at the gate met by St Peter, Ha Police Officer great should be no problem.

    St Peter to 1st Cop “What did you do in the Police”?
    Cop 1 “I was CID “
    ST Peter “Great crime detection, keeping the streets free from criminals in you go”

    St Peter to 2nd Cop “What did you do in the Police”?
    2nd Cop “I was a community Bobby”
    St Peter “That’s grand working with the community in you come”.

    St Peter to 3rd Cop “What did you do officer”?
    3rd Cop “I was MOD Police”
    St Peter “That’s great hold that gate I’m dieing for a p1ss.

    Hope that helps :oops:
  9. Which is fine when that's the only 'major(ish)' crime that you deal with. Other Forces need their resources for other areas.
  10. Done some after service in the real (Home Office) police. You will die of boredom and the management is out of the 19th century.
  11. Couple of guys I work with did a bit of research,it appears it's a bit like being a squaddie,if they need staff at a location then they post you there regardless of where you've bought a house.They will then move you again when they need to at little or no notice.(If this is not true I'll stand corrected)
  12. nice people but very definitly "all the gear and no idea." I once met one on there TSG equivallant who had 8 yrs service and had never nicked anyone. That said there courses are supposed to be good.

  13. No its not like that, its a national force but if you want promotion you have to agree serve at any location. The only times officers are posted compulsorily are when stations shut, like Woolwich at the moment. MDP are paid by the MoD to provide policing which is why they not in your local town centre, I have done just over 9 years been at AWE served on the SEG, I'm up at Whitehall at the moment, so I would recommend it moneys good and plenty of courses.
  14. I stand corrected,apologies,duff info.
  15. leigh1526

    I am joining the MOD Police and would just like to know have a couple of queries.

    1) how does being in the TA sit with the management? is it easy to get time off for Camp, Mobilisation, etc.

    2) how easy is it to transfer to another station or division.

    any info most welcome