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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Group_Captain_Mandrake, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have any useful info on this lot? Worthy of working for or is it a deadend.

    No offense intended.....

  2. Of course it's a dead end mate but it suits some people so I wouldn't knock it. It's just like being on permanent guard duty.
  3. See what I mean - it suits some people.
  4. Despite the image they may portray to some, they do get a good wage, good kit and out of the 70 armed police in Kosovo doing the training bit, 50 are MOD police, nice wads of cash.

    They were called to assit on the 7/7 bombings and have a variety of different specialised units, including firearms and surveillance, by all accounts (I don't know for certain) their fraud investigation team are good. Of course like everything it has its down points, but hey horses for courses, depends what YOU want.
  5. My friend went for an interview with them a few weeks back at Braintree, she loved it. They get paid more money than proper coppers and do better hours. They also have a larger dog section than normal police, which is good if you’re after that, as normal police dog units are very hard to get into.

    They have all the same branches as normal police, CID, ect. I applied to be a normal copper but after seeing what MOD police have to offer id pick them over policing chavs any day.

    You only need 55% pass rate to get through, were as civvy police has a pass rate of 60% or above, however if you get 60% or above on your MOD you can transfer over to civvy plod when you’ve had enough of walking around with guns, but don’t think you can transfer over from civvy to MOD (with out doing the MOD application process)
  6. anything that saves me stagging on.......

    i like.
  7. Theres a couple of MODPLOD down near me looking after RAF Hythe. They are like the Gurkhas, take no prisoners!!!
  8. Dont think you can join MOD Plod and if you dont like it/fancy something different and want to transfer into a Civvy bill force, sorry you cant. MOD are not a Home Office recognised force so you would have to start again like any other applicant to a force. I have to ask why do you want to be a copper?? I've been doing it for over 13 years and I have to say nearly every bobby I know hates it!!! Shit shifts/pay/conditions and the bosses are the biggest shower of cnuts going (obviously there are a couple of exceptions). Then look at the link below and see the horrendous beating meated out to 2 bobbies, something that is all to sadly a regular occurence these days.

    I would think long and hard about joining the Police these days bearing in mind you really have got to be prepared to be bombarded with PC sh1te till your ears bleed!!!!!!!! Good Luck. :D :D
  9. yamkwak,

    Come on for all the shite there are enough good days to make it worth while... eventually.
  10. What I'd say about the police (MOD or other civvie forces) is that's it's full of people who are negative about it day in day out, hence some of the comments above. But strangely these people carry on turning in, when they're not calling in sick that is, and most don't clear off (unfortunately) and do something else.

    If it's that bad go and do something you like! But I suspect whatever some people do, police or anything else, it will always be 'sh***' because that's just the negative way they see everything.
  11. thats cos half of em are gurkas

    along with ikea security gaurds and bus drivers
  12. Didnt you get the pun to my comment?, like the olympic flame, never go out!!!
  13. I suppose you do have good days, like if you catch some scum red handed in the 'act'.Or you are able to help some decent citizen with a problem. But eventually the whole system seems to grind you down. As one of the lads on our section said "I'M FCUKING PISSED OFF WITH THIS SOCIAL EXPERIMENT THAT WE ARE ALL A PART OF".

    This government is determined to dismantle the police service and create some utopian social service body. Its crazy!! I count myself lucky as I am in a specialised dept. Look at the new recruits coming in now, no rent allowance, decreased pension rights, minimum service of 35 years to get your pension. Fcuk that I've got 9 years to do and then I'm off. All I can say is if I had my time again I would never have left the Army to join the Police, unfortunately like most I thought the grass was greener.!!!

    Dont get me wrong I'm NOT having a go at the bobbies/rank and file its the system and the bosses who are screwing us over for their next little hop up the ladder.....Right rant over, pass us a beer love!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

  14. I saw that some time ago on the telly. Personally I think vermin who behave like that should be sent to slave labour camps for the rest of their miserable lives. Typical sub human chav scum who deserve nothing other than agonising pain and misery.