MOD Plod.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Engineer01, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Sack himself and save even more money.
  2. Looks like I transferred to the Met just in time, I knew things were going to be tight ie no overtime for anything sickness training etc but not that bad. Its probably the sun ramping it up a bit but having spoken to former colleagues in the MDP things are not looking good, the nuke sites were the safe ones.
  3. I wonder if the MGS will be included in this ?
  4. Seems to a shortage of them currently… gapped posts, natural wastage etc I suspect.
  5. I think you will find that the problem lies with duplication and varying costs. Currently there are four agencies responsible for guarding the MOD Estate:

    Regular Service Personnel,
    MOD Police and
    MOD Guard Service

    That’s four lots of training, four different pay scales, four sets of Ts & Cs, four set’s of equipment and most importantly four Chains of Command with all the involved costs, meetings and Staff Work.

    I very much doubt this will be the last of it but MOD Police probably took the first hit as they are the most expensive. There's a thought, they could expand the cheapest option.

  6. 4 sets of dogs
  7. Wish they would sack the MOD Police tw at who stands on our camp with his speed gun all day
  8. Ah well at least there is one silver lining to the dark clouds of National bancruptcy.

    Like the way the article was followed by an ad for cutting away 3 inches of belly fat - how apt!
  9. :? Am i the only one thats a bit lost here,here we are fighting a war at great cost in life and money,being told we need ID cards, being spyed on night and day,and having no end of rights taken away,all because of the threat of terrorist attack,and someone wants to cut the force that protects all the major target sites?

  10. There ya go, all smoke and mirrors.

    Corrupt regimes need an outside 'threat' to distract the public from what a bad job they are doing, this 'threat' also allows them to bring in control measures to make sure they can keep tabs on anyone who dissents.

    IF, we were under such a big threat from Islamic terror the real question is… Why has Neue Arbiet not sent the army into the towns in the north of England were all our bombers come from?
  11. [quote="?[/quote] Why has Neue Arbiet not sent the army into the towns in the north of England were all our bombers come from?[/quote]

    Because that's a Nu-Labia support area?
  12. Who says they haven't? :?
  13. I thought that nuclear sites were guarded by the Civil Nuclear Constabulary?

    What Military nuke sites do we have apart from Faslane and Coulport?
  14. The armed forces are policed by four separate police forces (five if you include the Home Office police), all requiring separate hierarchies, policy staffs and other support services. While the MDP, RNP, RMP and RAFP have differing responsibilities, their primary role (i.e. policing the armed forces and the defence estate) is the same. I would be very surprised if the Strategic Defence Review does not recommend the amalgamation of policing services throughout the MOD. If it can be done in Cyprus, Gib and FI, why can it not work throughout the rest of the armed forces? I appreciate the MDP are a civil police agency, rather than a service police body, however, a bit of legislative tinkering would solve that problem.