MOD Plod in Cyprus

Chaps. i am moving to cyprus end of next year and obviously have to work to fund mrs rolos lifestyle. been pondering the mod plod as heard most bases have them there now. is this true and anyone know anything about the job obviously apart from stagging on! thanks
Think you will find the vast majority of vacancies will go to the totally enept and corrupt local population - closed shop unless you are of greasy yellow complection. Sorry to be negative but that is what I found when trying to find decent work on the SBA's


SBA Police recruit locally only as far as I know unless it's the higher ranks who are recruited from UK Forces. I don't think that you'll get a start but let us know if you do. I fancy an all year round tan.


I think that all of them are. I'll get someone who is more in the know than me to PM you over the next couple of days mate. At least you'll have a clearer picture.
As AB mentioned, I think the higher structure has a few Europeans in it but don't hold your breath.

One way in is if you are totally "arrse" at your job, can't speak very well in the English language and refrain from washing on a daily basis, put that on your CV you may well get an interview. Seriously tho - i hope you do find something but rest assured it will be a hard fight.

Best of luck
I was last there 12 years ago but then only the Ch?ef Const, the ACC and the ESBA and WSBA were non-cypr?ot. Also work permits are an issue you need to soert first too!

Good luck anyway.
cheers for replies but as for the work permits, as they are in the EU now, does that apply to them anymore?? especially as i will be living there and i will be a non washing local !!
"The Service has a current establishment of 256 officers, comprising seven Senior British Officers, with the remainder of the force being recruited exclusively from the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities in accordance with the Treaty of Establishment. 12.80% of the Service are women. The police are supported by 18 civilian staff"

Don't know how this stands up in the era of freedom to work wherever you like in the EU. Perhaps it falls under the same category of exemptions as the Army, MI5 etc
Just found this thread the SBA Police are an MoD run police force but with nothing to do with the MDP, apart from a secondment from an MDP Superintendant to be Superintendant ops for the SBA Police.(my boss is about to go and do that post for 3 years and we're getting the one coming back) As far as all other vacancies go I think they recruit locally, you probably seen this on their website already
My Mate (female North London Greek cypriot PC) looked at joining, the pay drop from even the lower end of a Met PC's payscale was too much to contemplate, also they would give her no credit for previous experience and she had to join as a greek not a Brit (IIRC)


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