MOD Plod & CNC houseing allowance

Just a quick question............

with the scheme that MOD Plod & CNC police ( & other forces ) have regards helping you purchase a house ( damned if i can remember what the scheme is called ). Do they offer any help if you already have a house ( still paying the mortgage ), do they give you any help towards your existing mortgage. or is it a case of "only on new purchases once joined the force ?.

cheers all.
Its called the homebuy scheme, MDP are in the same scheme available to the armed forces, CNC do the same scheme as well. It depends on where you live most of the homebuy schemes are in London and the south east and availiable to officers in those forces. However if you already own a home you are ineligible for it, however it may be worth a check if you google homebuy you should come up with a few hits.

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