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Hi all, apologies if there is a certain thread for this, I’m still unfamiliar with the site. Any opinions or advice would help me out! I’m not sure if there’s anyone medically minded here but I guess I’d just like to know what other people think about it.

Currently appealing as an untrained rejoin for the Army - I was discharged for having heart palpitations about 5 years back after a dodgy PT session. I’ve had no symptoms since that event, and have had it thoroughly investigated.

The initial cardiologist I saw looked into it and pretty much put it down to a one off bout of dehydration, but I had to wait a couple years with no symptoms before I could try again.

I spent some time on civvy street and got myself pretty damn fit, and still have had no issues. Earlier this year I tried to get evidence I’m fit for duty, and couldn’t go through the NHS as they didn’t see a need for any tests as I wasn’t showing symptoms, although have a letter from my GP saying they see no reason why I cannot rejoin the military after having no problems for such a long time.

I also paid over £1k (which I struggled to save on a low salary) to get tests done by Nuffield privately, (ECG, Echocardiogram & Heart Monitor) who’s cardiologist said he could see absolutely no issues with my re-entry.

I sent all this in online (AFCO’s are a thing of the past now it seems), and I started my appeal. They went straight to a level 1b and have asked for a 12 week fitness diary (which I had already been doing since Feb as I had heard they might ask for it), which
they have said they would accept, after getting letters from my employers saying I’ve had no issues during my time with them (I’m both security and fire crew).

My main question to you all is what you think my odds of winning the appeal are? Does the fact that they didn’t accept the tonne of evidence I provided quick suggest they are skeptical? And how often do people who provide the diary get rejected?

Any help would be fab, cheers in advance

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