MOD places order for 80,000 tonnes of steel for carriers

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Invicta, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Steel is bloomin expensive!
  2. Chinese are buying up a huge chunk of World supply, someone should thank tha guy who pushed it through now, in a year or 2 it could be 10-20% higher again.
  3. They will be coming for our railing's again soon then by the sound of things
  4. The steel will get sold off in a year. The profit will pay for a P2000 to replace the carrier project.
  5. From what I have red most of the railings taken at the start of WW2 were dumped in the North Sea after the war ended.
  6. its to make john prescotts new bed
  7. ROFL!

  8. it works out at £812:50p a tonnes.

    thats not a bad price to be honest. i'm not sure what steels are needed in ship building, but £812 a tonne favours well compered to todays structural steel prices.
  9. Couldn't Blue Peter start some sort of appeal?
  10. "Contracts for supply of steel plates and bulb flats have been awarded to Corus (with UK sites in Scunthorpe, Teesside and Motherwell) and Dent Steel Services (Yorkshire) Ltd. The vast majority of steel tonnage (90% or more) will be produced in the UK with some smaller quantities being produced in Europe."

    What's the betting that the EU will get involved and demand that more work is passed onto our European partners as was the case in the second Severn Bridge. In the end the contract for the steel had to be placed with an Italian supplier who submitted the lowest bid but did not have the capacity or expertise. Most of the steel thus supplied was substandard the end of it was the cost of the steel for the bridge was over-budget and late.

  11. I wouldn't be surprised mate!
  12. Military equipment is exempt from the relegations about competition (or at least it was when the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency (civilian) had to accept a tender from Poland while the RN FP vessels could be awarded to a UK shipyard without such issues).
  13. I bow to our superior knowledge Ninja however as the French are sniffing around these contracts, I would not rule out the EU putting its nose in.
  14. Why are the MoD buying hte steel?

    If I buy a new car I don't pop down to the local DIY for metal, tools and plastic do I?

    Einemal Aircraft Carrier bitte, mit pommes und weise. And get a jaldi on.