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Hi great site!

I wonder if anyone could help me please.

I was informed in 2003 that some errors had occured and i should have been given an Attibutable Pension by the MOD from 1995 etc etc. The reason was because i had been accepted for a war pension by the vetrans agency. To cut a long story short i now get this attributable pension along with a war pension also.

What i dont know is the following and i would really appriciate anyones input. (forgive me if i am asking what might be daft questions, as i really dont have a clue about this new pension)

I was a Private 19 years old and only served 1 year before i was medically discharged from the army.

1. How long does an Attributable Pension from the MOD Last? (for life? till i am 65?)

2. What rate should it be based on 40%? (i get £2325.05 for 05-06 bu this link says i should/might get more

sorry for my very poor english (i didnt go to school as often as i should have :( )

Thanks for reading and hope to read any replies and help. :)

What a fool i am. I realise now, that the link i posted was for Current Rates of pension etc.

So that must mean that back in 1995 the Rate of Attributable Pension @40% was approx £1700 for a private. (thats what i got backed dated because of the mistake) and this is index linked, BUT NOT linked to the increase in pay of soldiers like the new yearly rates are.

Also it must mean that the Attributable Gratuity has grown from the £878 i recieved in 1995 to £3914!!!!!

Something still doesnt look right in the Gratuity as it has increase about 350%!! in 10 years where as the pension has only increased by about 130%

Can anyone offer any info? please
thanks for the links.

I phoned the Armed Forces Pension Scheme to clarify a few things, but they said i had to write to get any specific info about figures.

I have come to the conclusion, that i am probably not on OR3 rate but more likely an OR2 or OR1 rate. I have also come to the conclusion based on playing with the figures and applying logic etc. That the gratuity i received was based on the very first assesment % the vetrans agenys gave me, which was 11-15? o something like that.

So it looks like if you dont get the maximum % straight away from the Vetrans Agengy and need a review, you not only miss out until the review on the chance to claim allowances (lowered standard occupation/ mobility etc) you also get a poor gratuity from the MOD pension side.

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