MOD penny Pinchers cut soldiers pension

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Zarathustra, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. The following story was brought to my attention by one of my mates of facebook - Story in the Sun

    I knew Mat, we weren't best mates or anything but he was a good bloke. What are peoples feelings on this story?

    I understand that rules are rules, but should exceptions be made for people that are killed on ops who've not been serving in rank long enough to qualify for the pension for that rank?

    Personally I say yes as long as it applies to everyone who's in the same situation.

    **There is a thread on this in the Gunners forum, but I thought it might reach a wider audience here.
  2. On the bright side if it is true... atleast the/us civvy pop will have a few more friends in the army if/when the riots begin when the piggies begin to slash everything.
    Half of the people who mention that they will have no problem with shooting a civvy in such a situation (riots etc blah blah blah) might bring the guns to help out the civvies cause.

    One can dream
  3. I suppose the civil servants who execute these jackass rules will leave the MoD with fat-wedge pensions to live the rest of their days in peace. Despite having never got anywhere a hot dusty place.

    OK, so the rule says if in a rank less than a year, you get your pension for your old rank. I can understand this if you get your 3rd stripe then retire the week after. I can even understand it 6 months later or whatever. But being KIA'd in that rank - is another matter entirely!
  4. Oh, and yes, I'm quite up for a good riot.