MoD pays £2.3bn in consultants bills

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 9, 2007.

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  2. It is little wonder that so much of the Defence Budget is spent on consultancy fees, when our retired senior officers join them as soonas they leave as advisors (this no doubt gets them a foot in the very lucrative door). A quick look at PA Consultings web site displays the following boast:

    General Sir Mike Jackson GCB CBE DSO served as Chief of the General Staff (CGS) from February 2003 to August 2006 after a highly distinguished career in the British Army spanning more than four decades. He is now Senior Advisor at PA Consulting Group
  3. That goes some way to explain how four years down the line they don't have simple s'hit like hard cover in Iraq.
    Don't think it would have been any better under the Tories. William Hague was a 'McKinsey Man.'
    I hear there is sign on the wall of the McKinsey chairman's office that reads:
    "You don't have to have your head up your arrse to work here but it helps."
  4. msr

    msr LE

    I trust they can provide evidence of this... or is it all covered by 'commercial confidentiality'?

  5. 17,000 generals, well worth the money :roll: it would open more jobs up for their batmen and chefs. Give them a pay rise they deserve it :wink:
  7. The problem you overlook is that the MoD is sorely lacking in the skills to do this stuff internally.

    Left to their own devices it would be a whole lot worse. Attention might be best turned to the size of their own payroll and what they get for that.
  8. Consultants my ARRSE.
  9. Given the outstanding successes in all these areas, don't you think the MoD should ask for its money back?

    Marketing - selling the RAF 'brand' so it could be used on a clothing range. Now all at half price since no-one's bought any.

    PR - Best PR moments produced entirely by serving personnel (e.g. Patrick Sanders and his 'b*llo*ks' comment). Worst moments produced by serving personnel told it'd be fine to sell their stories of time spent in Iran after advice from PR gurus that this would be a senisble COA.

    IT - JPA, anyone??
  10. WOW a novel thought the senior MOD staff and civil servants have all had expensive management training have they not if there not up too the job then perhaps a nice posting to benbecula.

    Consults have no more specialist skills than anyone who has attended staff college consultants are a blight on both the public and private sector.

    show me a truly successful case where consultants have not only improved productivity, and not on paper real honest to goodness improvement in both working practices and boxes out of doors or reduction in running costs / profit without asset stripping redundancies.

    of course i could just be totally wrong and there money well spent! RAF fashion branding line anyone!

    edited for real mongo spelling.
  11. I read, in relation to the Army PT Shoes, that the Army aims to make full use of all under-utilized capacity and expertise. That seemed to be the reason for making PTIs trial and come out with a comemrcial varient of the PT shoe.

    Might that not be why the RAF decided to come out with a clothing range?

    I wonder if that originated from these consultants?
  12. yes i cant find the thread right now but some of here know full well the Liabour have embraced the full market concept for years in there use of MOD and HMF plc :x
  13. Just what do these 'consultants' consult on precisely? The MoD could do worse than log on to ARRSE and get loads of top notch advice... free.
  14. Erm - actually its not lacking. What they don't do is utilise their skills base effectively. The Army (I quote the Army because that is the Service I was in) used to send people on Masters Degree courses and then patently not used the skills people developed whilst on said course - absolute madness IMO.

    However a fcuking good dig out with a G1098 shovel is also in order for b0llocks such as the PR organisation and DHE. If they can't do the job properly then promote someone who can.
  15. Consultants are rarely, if ever, used to improve the effectiveness of a business, as it is safe to assume they know very little about the business upon which they are hired to consult.

    They are generally hired for a singular purpose, that purpose being to overcome a lack of moral courage in the organisation that hires them. This lack of moral courage manifests itself as follows:

    An organisation needs to change, and knows what it needs to do to change, but recognises that if it is to successfully overcome political and external/internal staff resistance, the change proposals are better coming from a 'neutral' entity that can provide 'proof' that the changes proposed are efficient and effective.


    PS. For a cutting and humorous dissection of management I recommend 'In-laws and Outlaws' by C Northcote Parkinson. Last published in 1962 but still relevant today.