MOD Own Worst Enemy Say Liam Fox

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Sep 30, 2011.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Am I missing something but I can't see any substance in that article. The MOD seems to dig holes and make mistakes but none of them are clarified or explained.
  3. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    So is Foxy going to give us a sensible SDR that tells us what we can expect to be doing over the next few years? No? Thought not. ****ing pansy is still shying away from the real decisions.
  4. The MOD are indeed there own worst enemy.

    They want a Porsche when they can only afford and need a Mondeo, spend a fortune getting someone to convert a Mondeo into a Porsche, then seem all surprised when the Mondeo ends up costing twice as much as a real Porsche and we can't afford it..
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  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    A fine analogy, as long as you realise that those wishing to convert the Mondeo into a Porsche are almost invariably in Uniform. We've got Porsche-level-of-kit expectation coupled with a Mondeo budget.
  6. It was his birthday at the beginning of this week. He has a few 'civvy' shysters on his advisory team. I share a swimming pool with one of them. An utter throbber if ever there was one.

    I've regarded Fox as being 'pro-military' in the sense that's he's had the military's well being at heart. He's a former civvy MO attached to the Services. I don't have a problem with him assaulting the senior officer clique and the progression to a 'single' service
    chief to represent all. I think he has a point on the percentage of chiefs to indians considering the overall size of our armed services. As such I don't think that he's shying away from making 'real' decisions, if anything it's his current inability to grip the
    existing MOD culture and bring it to proper account. Binning many of the head-sheds is a start.
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  7. Was supposed to meet him on a recent ex. The idea was that he turns up with cronies in tow, watches a few plt attacks, speaks to us and pretends to listen and then fucks off.

    We where told to be frank and honest with our questions and to not hold back. Yeah, because we'd be allowed to do that.

    Que 2 days of belting rain, lack of sleep and patrol after patrol after patrol and someone decides his visit isn't happening anymore. Where we surprised? Not really. Where we bothered? Definitely not.

    So much for wanting to know what the lads at the bottom think though. Him **** the MOD off isn't surprising. It's just the usual political slopey shoulders shit that'll happen time and again.

    (not that I think the MOD are an excellent model of how to do things).
  8. This is very true.

    But we can rest easy knowing that our fine £1 Billion a pop Type 45 Destroyers can shoot down Mach 3 cricket balls unlike those US Arleigh Burkes!

    What's that you say? The Arleigh Burkes could just fire a TLAM at the bowler and blow him up to save all the palava of shooting down said Mach 3 cricket balls, and costs less, and can shoot down massed hordes of planes as it carries twice as many missiles, and can shoot down ballistic missiles, and fire missiles at ships, and has a big gun, and has a proper sonar, and carries two helicopters- Unpossible!

    We MUST have the capability to shoot down Mach 3 cricket balls, expecting us to accept anything else just isn't cricket!
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  9. The MOD is like any other government department - they have no real interest in cost control because their incompetence in managing their budget can be covered either by increasing taxes and/or by passing the blame off onto the public-sector workers (forces, police, NHS staff, etc) by calling them wasters.

    For my money they should shelve the idea of upgrading trident (which will prob cost upwards of 30 billion) and fill the SSBNs with conventional cruise missiles instead. Would be cheaper and more useful and still leave a few billion quid to keep more bodies on the payroll.
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  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    You're being sensible. Stoppit.
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  11. Yea, sorry. Having a light-headed moment there.
  12. I love it that Mr Fingers agrees with Mr Nosey. Picked a fine place to do it...
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  13. I was listening to various talking heads on the BBC this morning discussing the long term effects of the cuts by 2020. The navy chap (who seemed to have some very good arguaments) basically stated that the Navy will be f*cked within a few years and will lost so much skilled manpower that it will be unable to operate effectively.

    Personally, I think the crunch will come when:

    A. One day the government commits a woefully small force overseas only for it to be cut off, outgunned, massively outnumbered and overrun or run out of town by the local opposition.

    B. Said opposition, on being threatened with military force by HM goverment, tells HM Govenrment to do one or else, and the service chiefs point out to HM government that the opposition are actually strong enough to back up their threat give us a good kicking.

    I hope I'm not around to see the day but I'm not holding my breath.

  14. Interesting timing, on the day over a thousand more redundancies are handed out. I don't suppose any of those he refers to are among the 1000?
  15. what do you expect turkeys voting or xmas?
    trident and its replacement are a vanity project I would argue quite forcefully are whole nuclear programme has been delusional self aggrandizement that in the real world was ****ing meaningless soviets weren't deterred by it neither was any country we've had a bust up in the last 50 years either.
    buying a system off the yanks means its not independent
    a trident sub loaded with a 100 conventional armed missiles like say storm shadow all addressed to whatever clown has insulted her maj are just as an effective deterrent without the cost or inconvenience of nukes.
    theirs no credible nuclear threat to the UK terrorists aren't going to be deterred and most of the regional nuke owners or would be developers have got more problems closer to home:)
    we are not going to be using nukes to bitch slap uppity wogs or the Mythical Argentine invasion fleet save the cash.