MoD on X files

Well I don't know a buddy of mine used to fly choppers and would from time to time take the chopper up to its ceiling height. He told me that he saw a UFO but then again it was probably hypoxia.
Their out there...
I used to ride a Chopper as a yoof, and would often slip forward cracking me knackers on the gearstick, I couldn't pull very good wheelies on it and it was yellow...

So I think that you'll now agree based on those facts, that there are no aliens visiting sporting arenas in the UK....

Except for Peter Beardsley of course.
Yer can't pull good wheelies on a yellow one unless you have a big fat person on the back seat, so that's a bit more evidence.
Think I'm living next door to one. He speaks in a strange, monosyllabic tone, has an extended forehead, shuffles along, eats Kendall Mintcake and claims he's from Yorkshire!
I think I had a crush on her when I was a teen.

You "think" you had a crush on her?


Was it a confusing time for you back then before you decided you liked boys?

For fucks sake man, if you are conflicted on the Gillian Anderson issue you are either blind or secretly more fruity than George Michael.
Nick Pope the man who publicly stated SHARK watch was actually instructions for HM forces personnel to be on the look out for UFO's...strange little man.

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