MoD official talks about North Devon UFO

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. MoD official talks about North Devon UFO
    Sunday, September 06, 2009, 07:00

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    THE Ministry of Defence official who investigated a UFO sighting which was seen by police officers in North Devon says the incident is still totally unexplained.

    The North Devon Journal revealed last week that newly-disclosed documents from the National Archives showed that UFO sightings in the early hours of March 31, 1993, led to military fears about national defence.

    Nick Pope was the person in charge of the MoD's UFO desk at the time and he said the release of the previously secret documents was a "blast from the past".

    He told the Journal : "What was apparent to me was that for every report we got there were 10 to 20 sightings unreported. I remember talking to one of the police officers and he said that listening to the radio chatter, that was all they were talking about.

    "There wasn't any resolution of this sighting but the common theme of a large triangular UFO that has cropped up many times since then."

    He said to this day he "honestly does not know" what was seen that night, but at the time he was sufficiently concerned to highlight the incident as a possible breach of British airspace by an unknown aircraft.

    Mr Pope said he was fairly confident the Americans were not lying when they said they had not been flying any prototype aircraft that morning, but he could not rule out activity by other nations. "Maybe it was Russia," he added.

    At the time there were numerous reports, many from reliable sources such as on-duty police officers and military personnel, about a strange triangular aircraft with three lights.

    A sergeant and police constable who had been on duty near Lynton noticed two bright lights approaching from the north across the Bristol Channel.

    They stopped their patrol car and watched as the lights drew nearer to them. They also noticed a smaller third light between the other two lights.

    The sergeant got the impression the three lights were attached to one large object, which he could not make out. Both officers saw two vapour-like trails, although they were more like "beams of light".

    The mystery appeared to have been solved when it was revealed that a Russian rocket had been re-entering the Earth's atmosphere at around that time. The MoD conceded the majority of the sightings did not tally with the timing of the rocket.

    There was talk in Parliament and the press at the time of the US Government testing an experimental aircraft called Aurora in the UK.

    But the archives just released contain a restricted MoD minute from April 21, 1993, which states: "In summary, there would seem to be considerable evidence that a UFO of unknown origin has been operating over the UK.

    "Given recent speculation about Aurora by both media and MPs, I am not sure that this is something we should necessarily let lie, although equally there would seem to be little else we can do."

    Another minute states that the UFO was of "considerable defence significance".

    Mr Pope, who worked at the MoD for 21 years, said the March 31, 1993, sightings were unusual because of the large number of reliable witnesses, and the fact that only 5% of UFO sightings remain unexplained; most turn out to be weather balloons, meteors, or aircraft.

    "What we were really talking about," he said. "Was unauthorised penetration of British air space."

    ● The Journal would like to hear from the police officers, or anyone else, who saw this UFO. You can phone 01271 347440 or e-mail
  2. Sightings of this particular craft are very evident lately.

    What it actually is, is a TR3B "Astra" more commonly known as the "Black Triangle"

    this is a high altitude stealth recce platform powered by a magnetic field disruptor.

    The latest creation from the people that brought you, SR71 Blackbird, Stealth fighter and bomber and also the Aurora.

    employed by the CIA and other US agencies for black ops.

    Do some research on the net, I would post a link but am a bit of an IT biff.
  3. Is this for real? Do I need a tin-foil hat?
  4. I believe TR3B may need liberal amounts of tin-foil to believe in
    However Ayr ATC did report some years ago aircraft flying into the Macrinhanish area at Mach 7. Rumoured to be the "Aurora"
    Some believe thats why the huge runway was built there, others say it was purely as a standby landing field for the Space Shuttle, you can make up your own mind......
  5. Aurora sightings were common in the west coast of Scotland as it was rumoured to be flying out of machrahanish, I heard what was believed to be Aurora on a number of occasions as it made approach and overshoot at RAF stornoway.
    I do doubt that if the yanks were testing Aurora they would cover it with big flashing lights.
  6. I wonder?... 8)

    However there's another really well documented sighting of a triangular craft over Eupen in Belgium. Here's a moderately sober account...
  7. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Or did we get a prototype of Hotol working back in the day?

    Having said that the BAe Taranis is undergoing trials at the moment.

    or could it be either a skycat
  8. I guess it was a coincidence as well that SEAL Team 6 were permanently based there until the mid 90's? 8O

  9. TR3B Astra!

    supposedly a stealth platform capable of "hovering" in mid air, absolutley silent and capable of "cloaking".

    I know what your saying!
    If all this is true how come it keeps getting spotted by joe public!!

    It all sounds a little far fetched but if you think about how advanced US technologies are, stealth technologies were already highly developed before the US government even admited their existence.

    So who knows what else they are cooking up in the skunk works.

    I am loathe to write this but the technology for the propulsion system was supposedly not developed on this planet. :oops:

    The Aurora is powered by SCRAM/RAM jets and leaves a tell tale, "doughnut on a rope" contrail behind it. Not what has been reported in this instance

    As i said look it up on the net, real or not makes for some fascinating reading
  10. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    this for one:

    and a video
  11. What is your point about the DevGru (nee' ST-6)?
  12. Perhaps that this aircraft was being used to deploy said SEAL teams?

    Either familiarisation training or used for insertion on actual ops
  13. I was being flippant JJH - just linking one ground based sneaky beaky system with an alleged airborne one. I'm sure there was no connection between the two!!
  14. Whew! :wink:
  15. I don't mean to be indelicate, but are you being..erm, serious?