MOD offers £500 Bounty to recruit MATES for Inf.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. This is news?

    Or is the fact they dropped it to 500 squids news? (ooooops)
  2. Can't read the link JW - site down or something. Anyway, this is surely situation no change? The Infantry has always been in trouble - certainly in recent years. Only occasional tweaks (downsizing or whatever) have temporarily sorted things. Infantry is no longer flavour of the month - if it ever was, and we're rapidly decending into a militia type organisation. The 7th (Disaster Recovery) Brigade is not too far off now.

    P.S. PTP - do you know who the Editor of the Sun is married to? Just a thought....
  3. Certainly do SN , hence the reason for having our brave Henno support the cause :D
  4. ...ah irony! Lost on a dull witted storeman like myself. Back to the blankets I suppose......
  5. I suggest a return to press gangs ala Yellowbeard. "All those who wish to serve in Her Majesties' Forces say "owww" and lie on the ground" .....THUMP!
  6. AFAIK, the recruitment bounty was £250 if you had your mate successfully complete basic training - always assuming that he'd handed in the nice little recruitment card you gave him ;).

    Why has it "gone down to £500"? Unless I'm missing something, 500 notes would be a nice increase.

  7. I may have confused it with the previous "Satisfied Soldier"? incentive GR . For some reason, I have a figure of £1,000 in my head. (Or was it £2,000?

    If I mistook the figures, apologies, but the point is , is £500.00 enough?
  8. ...and perhaps more critically, their families!

    Time for a rethink chaps - the gatekeepers aren't going to be swayed by a measly £500.

    How about actively investing in our Armed Forces, and living up to the ideal of 'the career of first choice'?

    In fact, sod this for a game of soldiers, I'm off to work for a PMC...
  9. I don't have any mates :cry:
  10. A similar scheme is in operation for recruits at Lympstone at the minute, though i too thought the bounty was £1000 for each recruit getting to week 16.
  11. PTP, I understood the report was referring to the Satisfied Soldier bounty - ie give out the recruiting card for your mate to take to the recruiting office. I thought the £1000 you were on about was the retention bonus paid to soldiers if they agreed to waive their notice for a year at the 3 year point.

    Think I've got confused somewhere - I blame Darth and his distracting games :D

  12. Looking at DB's post, I am now even more sure it was £1,000 for completing Phase 2, and possibly a further payment on completion of the first tour?

    Can those in the know , enlighten the rest of us?
  13. Can you mix and match? e.g Rotal Marine talks mate into joining the Womans Balloning Corp or Army Nurse talks a mate in to being a pirate or a Scout master runs off to join the Circus.
  14. Pretty sure it was £250 for the Scallies in the late 90s, before they stopped it.