MoD no longer looking for UFOs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. That's alright, we couldn't shoot them down anyways
  2. Certainly not with Sea Viper.
  3. Aye,that's what they want you to think................
  4. Can you imagine having worked a career in that office? Just like a Global Warming Inspector...great pay packet, bugger all to the Sun, listen to the wireless, drink tea, chat with the lads...contribute sweet FA to society.
  5. My understanding is that it was only ever a clerical and storage function until some "twot" decided that something should be done about all the insane ramblings and reports that landed in the MoD.

    No-one ever took the reports or the custodian seriously. Still - he managed to make a carreer out of being the "MoD expert"
  6. More often than not he could be found in the Old Shades taking an extended lunch...
  7. What a waste of money ,That could have been spent on better things
  8. Such as? :D Global Warming inspections? :D
  9. Chubb - is that you again?
  10. I know some of the background behind this. The individual in question earned nowhere near £44K per year - rather than breach persec by discussing grades etc, I will just say that they would have earned about as much as a senior private. The remainder of the costs were those incurred for actually running the unit.

    I can see the logic in shutting down the unit - it was occupied by utterly odd people like Nick Pope (not the RSigs 1*!) who has made a career out of his so post.

    The MOD has long had people ring in with good intentions reporting UFOs, and when we were threatend by the russians, this made a lot of sense just in case something was afoot. In later years it was just a repository of nusiance calls by lunatics and long retired officers (the Resident Clerks have a legendary example of a retired ex services individual who called from overseas claiming to see UFOs from his balcony).

    Thank god its all shut down now - we can finally release the files and politely tell the UFOologists to go away.
  11. Do one chubbster.
  12. So he's moved to another post,saving £44000 a year. What a gent,working for nothing. :?
  13. Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton is a firm beleiver in UFOs and wrote the foreword to Nick Pope's book, IIRC.

    So, what really DID happen at Rendlesham Forest in 1980?