MoD News: RGJ element of London Regt to become TA Recce Reg!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, Oct 26, 2005.

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  1. Not really, but the boys should be getting anxious now. Are the Bumpkin lessons fully attended as you wait to join the M4 Militia? Have you been to Silvermans and bought some new Welingtons, Mk 5, rubberized, walking in cow sh1t, for the use of?

    Octobers nearly over and the MoD plodders are still playing the anti-retention card. Anyone with any solid info?
  2. 1 April 06, London RGJ element to join with RRV RGJ / RGBW'LI' element. New title 4RGJ / 7 Rifles. Firm announcement by Dec 15. Possible camp in Cyprus in July 06.
  3. April Fools Day? Has that got any Regimental significance?
  4. It seems that General Brimms is keeping his mob updated and ahead of the game. I like the idea of the cap badge. Riflemen wore it originally and it would be a return to the Experimental Corps. there will be no bastardisation of badges to create something that all associated with the Regiments can slag off, and it keeps the LI element happy. Number Two's & One's are the same and the DD/RGBWLI lot are changing over anyway. The back badge is a good idea - afterall, the Rifles were famed as a rearguard and the rest of the infantry only saw the backs of their heads!

    I say bring the changes in sooner than 2007 - 01/01/2006 sounds good to me!
  5. 'MoD News: RGJ element of London Regt to become TA Recce Reg!'

    Where did this come from? Can you post a link?
    As far as i'm aware the Recce side of TA is being done away with.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No 1s and 2 s are very different and the LI dont wear a service cap at the mo, a second beret was issued in my time and kept for best! different Bns had some different tradiditions and I know that the Minden rose a Koyli honour was appreciated more in 2 & 3 LI than in 1. The other bns had funny rules aboout red cap badge backing, a DCLI tradition that 1st Bn enforced!
    Still if you went back 20 years on and it all looked the same it would ruin it for the spotters!
  7. Watchdog - the title is just a hook to get people to read the thread - sorry if you bit :oops:

    Ugly - the red backing (brandywine) was used by the KRRC (Reg & TA) so it has a common ancestry. The Number Ones are very very similar - badges and sahes apart. I know the LI only wear Berets (I served with 2LI as well) but everyone I spoke to wished they had a peaked cap as the beret is really for working dress and used in low intensity ops and they didn't want to carry that over to best dress (especially for weddings!).

    It will be interesting to see what the RSM's come up with in regards to badges of rank, Serjeants sashes, the spelling of Serjeant/Sergeant, dress code (when and where stable belts are worn, sleeves rolled up, combat jackets after 6pm (even in the swealtering heat of Paderborn in summer!), name tags on combats & helmets, etc).

    Can you imagine if all the predecessor Regiments celebration days are used - the Regiment will be pissed for half the year!
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The rest of the Army had Brandywine hence the DERR flash, the LI celebrate PAOLI a victory, 46th foot later 2nd DCLI.
    A lot of ex Winchester and ATR boys liked peaked hats in 2s, the ones that had never had them preferred best beret. WO1 etc wore service caps and it showed. If our boys wanted best kit for wedings etc they could sign out No1 and wear shako or side cap. service cap is what the rest of the Army wore, what about Bayonets/swords, have to ammend the double off to the port as opposed to the trail then, I couldnt agree more with celebrating every regy day. Being pissed all year is part of being an Infantryman! We couldnt even agree over shoulder titles on KF shirts in working dress, stable belts or green plastic, Green puttees (oh I suppose that has gone now, lets bring it back) and what about the colour of buttons?
    Fun days ahead!
    I suppose some Bns will have their own identity for a few years and then we can all dress left again!
  9. All most 99 % guarantied that the RGJ element of the London’s and the rifle volunteers are to be renamed to The Rifles and to where the Ox and Bucks cap badge

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  10. No worries I'm sure a Yorkshire unit will keep that going, pity it won't be LI/RGJ thou.

    On another note I can't see Yorkshire being good recruiting area for the Rifles, DWR/GH/PWO didn't complain about the merger for a reason.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The KOYLI, DLI etc were strong recruiters and also had other regiments competing for the same recruits yet always seemed to be over represented in the Bns. I suppose a bit like having loads of jocks in support units like RA etc as plenty of dole dodgers joined up. Oddly enough there was a census check of the KSLI when it was the 3rd Bn of the LI bde back in the 60's before the DLI were laid up and most of the Shropshires were Yorks and Durhams. The only way to keep the bn afloat! Somersets and Cornwalls were the first amalgamation and did it as a necessity to survive, The WD then (1956) having decided that with NS due to end that there was little chance of maintaining the Bns seperately. To do this they had to disband both 2nd bns and then merge the 1st Bns. Mind you NS could send a recruit to JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE! I suspect it was the WD trying to reduce Infantry Bns without too much fuss!
    I experienced my mates being pressured to rebadge during downturns to bns undermanned due to post NI pvrs etc when I was leaving the Depot. As it was we could not insist on regt as the Corps we enlisted in was Lt Div.
    By the way the O&BLI badge you have seen is not the one they wore, the current LI assocn badge is similar as in a crown but with a scroll below the bugle. I have worked with former O&B men and they wore their badge crownless but with the lazy round loops on the bugle cords unlike the current LI styilised squared type of cords. as another asid the Cap badge will be the current LI with the option being considered for a Glosters back badge on the back of the service cap. To top it off the belt bucle badge will be a maltese cross as the "Rifles" had after they discarded the horn when they needed somewhere to wear their honours. This will of course in No2s. The Honours will not be on any colours as these will be laid up and all ranks will wear the honours on the cross badge either on belt buckle for sncos down and on the cross belt for WOs and upwards.
    As stated, drill will be fun and this needs sorting now before we confuse the new 1LI anymore than necessary! Yes you know neither regiment currently drills exactly the same. I wonder if regimental drums will appear on E Bay with brass bugles and flutes? Not needed in the new regt unless you join the snakecharmers.
  12. Ugly, I'm not from Yorkshire but my children are.

    but the LI is not now a Yorkshire unit, Yorkshire has a certain pride and giving it its own regiment will only reinforce that. I was a LI soldier in Wakefield (also ex WFR/PWO), I'd like to see LI continue in Yorkshire but the county (country) is more important than any English regt
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If that does happen and Yorks and poss durham go then the rifles will be a predominantly SW regt with some geezers in it! Having said that I'm sure that the ACIO will not be able to prevent potential volunteers from joining up with the LI or Rifles as there are strong family ties, The Hamps took all the Channel Islanders post WW2 but before that it had been a DCLI area and we had the son of a former 1 DCLI POW serve with us! He resisted all efforts to become a hamster!
    I'm sure that the lads who sign up imn the future will be folowing dads and uncles and grandads as we did and even being claimed as I had to for a mate who was badged as a Jacket!
    I suppose it is after all all change and unless we are ready to embrace this we wil go under like the cameronians. I wonder what would happen to the traditions if the Yorkshire element was withdrawn and would those honours and traditions go to a new non LI regt?
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    oops double tap!