MOD needs more women in senior roles - Ursula Brennan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ethel_the_Aardvark, Dec 3, 2011.

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  1. Another winning perspective from The Guardian and the MOD's Grand High Witch:

    MoD needs to put women in senior positions, says top civil servant | UK news | The Guardian

    One extract from Ms Brennan's rant includes:


    All I can say is that there must have been some bloody strong mulled wine at that particular party.
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  2. Lets have more bottom pinching. Please.
  3. We don't need more. Just better.

    We could start by sacking that ****ing useless twat.
  4. It was the RN types who used to like the bottom pinching, I believe.
  5. I can't open the link from my current location so I'll have to fire blind.

    - If she had joined the army in 1975 as a graduate she'd have been finished by now so a pretty pointless comparison.
    - She clearly hasn't got a clue about a meritocracy. And she should first realise that unless you are cbt or cbt sp arm you are not likely to get to the top anyway.
    - She also needs to learn that a reasonable proportion of women remove themselves from the running when their biological clock makes them get all mumsy.
    - I would rather have a boss of either sex who is there because they had earnt their promotion rather than being shoe horned into a position in the name of equality. If they were capable they'd have got there by themselves.
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  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Amore woman running the MOD this week then.
    Last week we needed more Black Football Managers.
    Next week it'll be something else.
    Another twat wanting a me me look how politically correct I am 5 minutes of fame.
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  7. Agree with all of what you say, however I would add that if we were to get all of the right people to the right place, then every officer who is good enough should have the chance to compete to get the top jobs. It is not good for corporate strength to elimante a whole swathe of people (such as those in CSS capbadges) from promotion, especially as where most of your females are in those CSS arms.

    Funnily enough, you don't see many senior RA or RE female officers do you?
  8. That is my point. Women not getting to the top isn't about sexism. It is about the way the army promotes its senior personnel that effectively rules out people by capbadge.
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  9. Yet more pressure on the armed Forces to adapt to the "quota" system of the civilian world. Ms Brennan urgently needs bringing up to date with her brief.
  10. Why couldn't you put this in the NAAFI Bar slot? I was going to come with something topical like "Women on top! Love it"

    So I suppose I won't.
  11. Re-form the WRAC and let them have their own little Army back. They can promote who the **** they like, have their own training centre, bands, netball teams, hosiery allowance, female only transport squadrons and all the other jobs that they used to do quite merrily before some **** decided to experiment. Everyone was happier then.
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  12. And the Army, much like the RN, insists that everyone who is going to wear a "star" must be able to compete for 1SL/CGS. Thus destroying any ability to offer decent 2 and 3* posts to those outside "the fast track". The reason why the USN has so many female Admirals is because you can be a 4* (and below) whilst pretty much serving in spec. Why isn't Chief of Material the senior loggie/engineer job? Why is CDI nearly always a good chap who hasn't done Int ever before? I know there are small studies bouncing around at the moment as a result of the DRU looking into precisely this; I've no doubt they'll be spiked by the inertia of the Armed Forces.....
  13. Much like why isn't the Adjutant General from the AGC. What she is pointing out is that it's not that the MOD is anti-women, if anything my experience is that the MOD is very good the way it treats women (despite what a 1* from my capbadge said about women in our trade), it's that the system isn't setup to get the best people to the right places.
  14. I was going to say that I support anyone who can bleed for a week and survive, but looking at her, she looks past it and by that token is in the change of life and is liable to start a screaming match leading to pressing a certain button, so No, no cigar.
  15. Women on top! fixed that for you mate.

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